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Wario facing two Chūta

Chūta are enemies that appear in the Wario Land II. They are rodents (described as "mice"[1] generically) that block Wario's way, but cannot hurt him. Chūta bear a slight resemblance to Little Mousers.

Chūta emerge from mouseholes and attack Wario by tackling him. The attack is too weak to do any damage and Wario will only bounce back a few steps, but in certain areas, this can be a hindrance when they bounce Wario off of a small platform. It is notable that Chūta cannot be stunned by stomping on them and thus cannot be picked up and carried around. When Wario defeats a Chūta, a new one will respawn after the player re-approaches the mousehole. They do not drop coins when defeated.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チュウタ[2]
Derived from「チュウ」(chū, Japanese onomatopoeic word for squeaking mice) and「た」(-ta), usually used for masculine name ending


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