One Noisy Morning

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One Noisy Morning
The Black Sugar Gang approaches Wario Castle in the morning.
Game Wario Land II
Level(s) 5
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One Noisy Morning is the first of several chapters in Wario Land II. During this chapter, Captain Syrup's Black Sugar Gang infiltrate Wario's castle and cause havoc inside the building. They manage to steal Wario's treasures, flooding several of the rooms and install a giant alarm clock to serve Wario an unpleasant awakening. Wario's main occupation in this chapter is to drive the Black Sugar Gang out and undo all the chaos they caused. In the end he discovers that his treasures are gone and he chases the escaping culprits to their ship. The main boss of this chapter is the giant snake.

Two secret exits are hidden in this chapter, however, only one of them leads to a different ending, while the other serves as an alternative Chapter 2, leading to Chapter 3. One of these hidden exits is located in Story 1-1 while the other one can be found in Story 1-5.

List of Stories[edit]

Encountered Enemies[edit]

* - Only appears in Game Boy version.

Sub-Bosses and Bosses[edit]

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 第1章 さわがしい朝
Dai 1-shō: Sawagashii asa
Chapter 1: The Noisy Morning