Move through the water!

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Move through the water!
Final Chapter, Story 3: Move through the water!
Level code 5-3
Game Wario Land II
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Move through the water! is the third story of an additional chapter five in the game Wario Land II. It takes place in the factory of Story 4-4 and thus is a factory-themed level.

Aside from the conveyor belts and traps of the previous levels this stage features another element, namely water and currents. There are several pipelines in this level that produce water and hinder Wario in his quest to find the goal door. To progress, the player has to have Wario hit switches to turn the water on or off strategically.

Encountered enemies[edit]

Featured conditions[edit]

Hidden treasure: Hourglass[edit]

WL2 T 5x-3.png

The hidden treasure of this level, Hourglass is located behind an underwater door in the area before the goal door room, but it is surrounded by currents so Wario cannot reach it. The player has to head to the goal door first, where they will find another switch that turns the water out for this area. They can now return to the treasure door and obtain the treasure.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 第3話 水を あやつって!
Dai 3-wa: Mizu o ayatsutte!
Story 3: Manipulate the Water!