The Final Battle!!

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This article is about the level in Wario Land II. For other uses, see The Final Battle.

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The Final Battle!!
Final Chapter, Final Story: The Final Battle!!
World-Level 5-5
Game Wario Land II
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The Final Battle!! is the fifth and final story of chapter five in the game Wario Land II. It is the last of the regular levels, culminating in a battle with Captain Syrup who stole Wario's treasure.

The level itself is rather short, like most of the boss stages. There are some hindrances like Yukimaru and Penguins and also some Enemy Blocks, with Captain Syrup herself awaiting behind the final door.

Encountered enemies[edit]

Featured conditions[edit]

Hidden Treasure: Crown[edit]

Treasure in Wario Land II.

The hidden treasure of this level, the Crown, is located in an area above the boss door. The path is protected by blades that launch themselves up. The player must have Wario slip underneath them in order to pass. The area seems like a dead end filled with coins, but the upper part of the wall can be broken, revealing the way to the treasure door.

Boss Battle: Captain Syrup[edit]

The final battle takes place above a pit filled with flames. The flames will rise occasionally and when they touch Wario, the player has to start over. Captain Syrup soars above Wario and will drop helmeted Pirate Gooms that will catch fire when touching the flames. Wario has to jump on one that is not ablaze, pick it up and throw it at the pirate leader. After this was done several times, Syrup will change her strategy and drop bombs that produce more flames. Wario has to catch the bomb before it touches the ground. They can be thrown at Syrup but she will block them, so this is pointless. The player should rather aim for the rising flames and time the throw correctly, so that the flame will rise higher and burn Syrup's craft. After a few direct hits, Syrup will be defeated and Wario's treasure will be saved.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 最終話 さいごの たたかい!
Saishū-wa: Saigo no tatakai!
Final Story: The Final Battle!