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Enemy from original version of Wario Land II.
Sprite from Wario Land II
First appearance Wario Land II (1998)

Kamukamu is an enemy in Wario Land II. It is a small, sharp-toothed fish resembling Big Kamukamu.

Kamukamu swim around the room in a diagonal pattern, turning around and going up or down whenever they hit a wall. If they see Wario, they charge at him while snapping their jaws before swimming away. If caught, Wario will be held in the maw until shaken off. They are rare, appearing in only one area each in the Turn off the giant faucet! and Escape from the Tea Cup! stories.

These enemies can only be encountered in the original Game Boy version, as they went unused and replaced by Drills in the Game Boy Color update.[1] However, they exist with reshaded sprites in the graphics of the Game Boy Color version.[2]



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