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Puffy Wario
Used on Wario
Power(s) given Float upwards
First appearance Wario Land II (1998)
Latest appearance Densetsu no Starfy 3 (2004)
“Those pesky bees!! They’ve made my beautiful face swell up like a balloon! What?! You say I look better this way? I won’t even be able to star in my own commercials looking like this!!”
Wario, Wario Land 4
Puffy Wario in Wario Land II

Puffy Wario, also known as Stung Wario[1] and Puff Daddy Wario[2], is one of Wario's many transformations in the Wario Land series of games. Wario can achieve this transformation in a variety of ways. In Wario Land II, Wario will become puffy if he is stung by a Bee or their giant counterpart. In Wario Land 3, the change will occur if he gets stung by a Pneumo or a Water Spark, gets hit by the shelled Chestnuts Wolfenboss spawns, or get jabbed by Yellow Belly's needles. In Wario Land 4 he must get stung by a Beezley, get hit by the arrow that is shot by a Bow Balloon, or get hit by the minions of the boss Catbat.

He will then swell, filling his head with air, allowing him to slowly float upward like Kirby and Balloon Mario from Super Mario World. This is usually used to get up to a high place, or as a form of challenge, such as the level Wildflower Fields in Wario Land 4. In the level, there is an area with spikes at on the ceiling, with hard-to-avoid Beezleys nearby. When Wario unintentionally floats, he may be hurt by the spikes.

When Wario floats up into a ceiling, gets hurt, or is unable to continue to float up for any other reason, he will revert to his normal form and fall back towards the ground.

In Wario Land 4, Puffy Wario can blow some air to ascend faster than previous versions of Puffy Wario.

In Super Mario-Kun, Wario becomes Puffy Wario the same method as in Wario Land 4.





Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 顔がふくらむ[3]
Kao ga fukuramu
Barūn Wario
Puffy Face

Balloon Wario
Spanish Wario Hinchado[5][6] Puffy Wario
French Wario Gonflé[7] Puffy Wario
German Dickkopf-Wario[8] Bigheaded Wario
Italian Wario Gonfio[9] Puffy Wario


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