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W4 A Town in Chaos

A Town in Chaos is a location found in Wario Land 3 of the Wario Land series. It serves as the fourth of six levels found on the west side of the Music Box World. At first Wario cannot reach this level due to a huge crater on the west side blocking his way. After he acquires the Jar of Rain from Out of the Woods however, the crater fills with rain water, granting Wario access to this level. A Town in Chaos gets unlocked simultaneously with The Pool of Rain.

The level itself is set in an urban environment. The main area, which also is the point where Wario accesses the level, is located outside between tall buildings. Wario can explore one of those buildings via ladders that connect the different stories and ledges. Those ledges are guarded by Para-Gooms and also Brrr Bears that can freeze Wario with their breath, making him slide off the ledge if the players aren't careful enough. Doors lead into the building, though some doors only serve as an exit and cannot be entered from the outside. The interior of the buildings in the city sport ocher wallpapers with vertical stripes, and paintings of fruit decorate the walls. Wario can also visit the basement of the building, which is filled with ventilators and other devices. Behind the building is a backyard which is the turf of Shoot, a soccer-obsessed hare. Another tall building on the west side of town can be entered as well, and contains several switch puzzles.


Grey Chest: The Cog Wheel B[edit]

The two Cog Wheels fix the elevator that connects west and south.

The Grey Treasure Chest which contains the Cog Wheel B can be found right where Wario enters the level. However, the access is blocked by a pair of breakable blocks. The player needs to guide Wario to the rooftop of the city building where he will find a zip line. Wario can use this zip line to gain enough momentum to smash through the blocks. To open the Grey Treasure Chest he needs the Grey Key which can be reached through one of the doors that lead into the building. Wario needs the help of a Stove to get out again then.

The Cog Wheel B is one of the two items required to solve the problem with the elevator on the west side of the Music Box World, the other one being the Cog Wheel A from The Pool of Rain. After Wario obtains both of these items, he is able to insert them into the device at the foundation of the elevator, thereby fixing it. The elevator will then go up and down once more, allowing Wario access to the south side and letting him explore The Grasslands.

Red Chest: The Second Music Box[edit]

A close-up of the Second Music Box

The Second Music Box Wario needs in order to break the seal on the hidden figure is hidden away in the Red Treasure Chest. The chest itself is guarded by Shoot the hare. Wario needs the Spiked Helmet from The Frigid Sea to get this treasure, since a big obstacle is blocking the way to Shoot's backyard. Before Wario can hope to claim any treasure, though, he has to find the Red Key first which is hidden in another part of the building. After that, he can travel through a zombie-infested corridor to reach Shoot's backyard.

Shoot and his goalkeeper

Wario has to engage and defeat Shoot in a game of soccer in order to win access to his treasure. Each of the opponents' objective is to turn his rival into a ball and knock him into the goal at the right side of the field. The goal itself is guarded by a tortoise goalkeeper. Shoot's main form of attack is jumping around. If he manages to land on top of Wario, he will turn into a ball and be at Shoot's mercy. If that happens, the player has to guide Ball Wario into the hands of the goal keeper before Shoot reaches him and kicks him into the goal. The tortoise flinches whenever Shoot kicks the ball, making Shoot's kick sure to hit. On the reverse Wario can turn Shoot into a ball the same way as well. Before he attempts to tackle Shoot into the goal, though, Wario first needs to stun the tortoise goalkeeper, or else his attack may be blocked. The first one to score three points wins the game. If Wario is the winner, the tortoise's shell will turn into an elevator and carry him to the Red Treasure Chest.

The Second Music Box is one of the five Music Boxes Wario needs to find in order to leave the Music Box World again, along with all the treasures he has collected. It is red in color and features a glass dome with two dancing figures inside. After Wario holds aloft the Music Box and it rings its tune across the land, its magic grants Wario access to the Bank of the Wild River and The Tidal Coast.

Green Chest: The Yellow Snake Eye (right)[edit]

The two Yellow Snake Eyes open the door

The Yellow Snake Eye is locked up in the Green Treasure Chest which itself is located in the building on the west side of town. However, the entrance to the building is blocked by a Lumpy. Wario needs the Golden Gloves from The East Crater to solve this puzzle. With this item he can lift one of the Brrr Bears and carry him to the frog that blocks the way. By getting hit by the bear's breath Wario turns into Ice Skatin' Wario and slides right through the obstacle. He can then enter the building. Inside the building a vast switch puzzle awaits the treasure hunter. The players have to use the switches in the area strategically in order to move platforms and open the ways to the Green Key and the Green Treasure Chest.

The Yellow Snake Eyes are a set of two items. The second jewel can be found in Sea Turtle Rocks. Together they can open the yellow door with a snake imprinted on it, which can be found in the Tower of Revival. This allows Wario to progress further in that level.

Blue Chest: The Sapling of Growth[edit]

A close-up of the Sapling of Growth

The Blue Treasure Chest which holds the Sapling of Growth can be found in the basement of the city building. Wario needs to utilize the ventilation devices in this area to fin the Blue Key, so he has to fix these devices first by finding the Propeller in The Tidal Coast. The devices can be turned on with a switch in the same area. With the air currents and a patrolling Spearhead Wario can make his way to the Blue Key and open the Blue Treasure Chest.

The Sapling of Growth is a magical plant seed. After it is obtained it causes the Octohōn all over the world to grow in size and strength. The stronger octopuses will then be able to smash through obstacles that blocked Wario's path before, opening new paths in The Tidal Coast and Beneath the Waves. The once harmless octopuses will also become more aggressive, so the player needs to take care.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 混沌とした街
Konton to Shita Machi
Chaotic Town