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A Spearhead waddles along
“One little spear is all I need!”
Spearhead, Wario Land 3 instruction booklet

Spearheads[1] are spear-shaped enemies that appear in both Wario Land 3 and Dr. Mario 64. Spearheads look like blue blobs with feet (but no legs), two large, black eyes with white pupils, and spears for noses.

In Wario Land 3, Spearheads, along with Para-Gooms, are some of the most common enemies. They attack by simply walking along (harming Wario and knocking him backward if he touches their sharp, spear-like noses) and can be destroyed by being Ground Pounded, thrown into a wall exceptionally hard, or being thrown at another enemy (after Wario unlocks the ability to perform these actions). They can also be simply dazed by being jumped on. Some Spearheads can also be found sleeping at night; these Sleepsters[2] can be woken up with any of the dazing attacks or simply destroyed on the spot, as they themselves do not attack until woken. Spearheads bear a resemblance to the Pirate Gooms from Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 and Wario Land II, and their attack methods are near identical. They are also described in the English manual as a "Goom"[1], although the Japanese version does not.

In Dr. Mario 64, Spearhead is the first and easiest enemy both Dr. Mario and Wario face.

Like all Wario Land 3 enemies, Spearheads are actually humans who typically live peaceful lives in the music box world, but were tainted by a spell of the hidden figure's and turned into strange creatures. (Their reasons for attacking Wario involves their realization that Wario is helping the hidden figure escape The Temple that they had sealed him within, though they are unaware that Wario does not realize the hidden figure's malicious intentions while doing so.) During Wario Land 3's ending sequence, a Spearhead is the first enemy shown to have its curse release, and its restored form is shown as an elderly woman.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヤリマル[3]
Portmanteau of「槍」(yari, spear) and「丸」(maru, a word for "circle" also used as an affectionate suffix)
Chinese 矛头[4]
Dutch Prikkop[5] From "prikken" (to prick) and "kop" (an informal word for "head")
French Tête de pic[6] Spikehead
German Spearhead[7] -
Italian Testa di lancia[8]
Spanish Spearhead[9] -


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