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Omodonmeka are enemies found in Wario Land 3 from the Wario Land series. They are flying enemies that come in two different types. The green type carries an Omodon which they drop and lift. The Omodonmeka will cause Wario to turn into Flat Wario. The blue ones don't carry anything and they try to grab Wario when he gets under them, and can revert him to his normal self if he's already flattened. There is also a single red Omodonmeka in The Warped Void; however, it acts exactly like the green type. Another enemy from Wario Land II, called D-Bat, does the same job as the Omodonmeka.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オモドンメカ[1]
Omodon Meka
Omodon Mecha