The Stagnant Swamp

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E1 The Stagnant Swamp

The Stagnant Swamp is one of the many levels of Wario Land 3 located in the east side of the Music Box World. It is unlocked after getting the fan in The Pool of Rain.

This level is a swamp with a lot of cable railways which Wario can use. Also, a pirate boss named Jamano is found in this level guarding the fourth music box. This level is the first level in the east part.

The main area has several cable railways, it has no enemies in it. A door leading to an underground room with a Robo-Mouse can found here as well.


Gray Treasure: Fantastic Flute[edit]

The fantastic flute

The gray key is under the entrance. To get it, Wario only has to use the ladder and dig underground. As for the chest, he has to use the cable railways to gain enough momentum to break the blocks at the far right so he can access the Grey Chest.

The flute summons giant snakes in The Peaceful Village, The Grasslands and The Volcano's Base.

Red Treasure: Conch Artifact (green)[edit]

To get the red treasure, Wario has to enter the door in the middle of the swamp. Then, make his way to the red key by avoiding the Robo-Mouse. If he's touched by it, he'll restart at the entrance.

As for the chest, he has to enter the pipe near the door to face Muddee. When he's defeated, Wario can access the red chest.

Green Chest: Fourth Music Box[edit]

The fourth music box

To get this treasure, Wario must get the Jumping Boots found in The Colossal Hole. Then, he has to go to the Robo-Mouse room. Here, he must run until he sees a door above him. He must jump there using his high jump and enter it.

Here, Wario has to grab one of the two enemies first and jump on the other to reach another platform. Wario has to keep doing this until he reaches a platform without an enemy. He must use the enemy in his hands and jump to the last platform and get the green key.

Then, Wario has to come back where the red key is, this time, he has to enter the warp pipe above it. He'll then come face to face to the pirate ghost Jamano. After defeating him, his hat can be used to access the third music box. This Music Box will unlock Beneath the Waves.

Blue Chest: Eye of Gentle Wind[edit]

Fuujin's Sack with the Eye of Gentle Wind

To get this treasure, Wario must first blow up a bomb in this level using the detonator found in Beneath the Waves. Then, he has to enter the underground door to reach the Blue Chest room. Here, he must free a Jellybob and turn into a Flat Wario. Now that the platform blocking the way to the key is gone, Wario can get the Blue Key. After that, he has to use the Jellybob again to reach the platform where the Blue Chest is found.

This treasure, along with Fuujin's Sack, makes leaves fall in Out of the Woods.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese よどみの沼
Yodomi no Numa
Swamp of Stagnation