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Flat Wario in the Japanese commercial for Wario Land 3.
Omodon in the Japanese commercial for Wario Land 3.
WL3 Omodon Sprite.png

Omodon are indestructible Thwomp-like enemies appearing in the game Wario Land 3 from the Wario Land series. They are carried by the green and red Omodonmeka, who will constantly drop and lift them. If the Omodon drops on the floor, it causes the ground to shake, causing Wario to flinch and lose his grip when he is climbing on a ladder or a climbable object. If the Omodon lands on Wario, he will be flattened and become Flat Wario. If the Omodonmeka that is carrying it is removed, the Omodon will become stationary, meaning that Wario can use it as a platform. They replace the weights from Wario Land II.

The enemy is found in the following levels, in the mentioned quantities:

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オモドン[1]
Portmanteau of「重り」(omori, weight) and「ドドン」(Dodon, Pouncer)


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