Super Dossun

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Super Dossun
Super Dossun
Species Star Thwomp
Big Thwomp
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 7 (1993)

Super Dossun is a powerful, spike-less Big Thwomp who functions as the "final boss" of Mario and Yoshi's RPG adventure in the last chapter of Super Mario-kun volume 7. Its statistics state that its level is "invincible" and its HP amounts to 100,000.

After a long search, Mario and Yoshi find the Star Hana with which they can cure the Mura Mura citizens and Luigi from the influenza tontonbū-gata. Mario goes to collect it, but Super Dossun emerges, yelling at them. Mario first tries diplomatically to obtain the flower by explaining the situation, but Super Dossun does not care about the fate of Mura Mura. Angry, Mario attacks it with a cape twirl, in vain. Yoshi obtains a Music Box to make Super Dossun fall asleep, but only Mario is enchanted by the music. Mario then takes a big pencil with mines and uses them as spears, angering Super Dossun. Furious, Mario pulls out a syringe with the influenza tontonbū-gata inside and injects it into Super Dossun, turning it into a harmless pig, winning the battle, and takes the Star Hana.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパードッスン
Sūpā Dossun
Super Thwomp; shared with Star Thwomp's name in Super Mario Kart