Influenza tontonbū-gata

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Influenza tontonbū-gata

The influenza tontonbū-gata is a mysterious illness that appears in the last chapter of Super Mario-kun volume 7.

While preparing a party for Mario and Luigi, the Mura Mura citizens fall ill of the influenza tontonbū-gata, and they all turn into pigs. Once Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi arrive, even Luigi gets infected and is turned into a pig as well. The Mura Mura chief explains that a cure exists in the form of the Star Hana. Mario and Yoshi find the Star Hana on top of a Chō Dossun, and Mario defeats him by injecting him with the same flu, turning the enemy into a pig and taking the flower from his head without any problems. Later, Mario cures Luigi and the Mura Mura citizens.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese インフルエンザトントンブー型
Infuruenza tontonbū-gata
Pig-type influenza;「トントンブー」is from a repetition of「豚」(ton, "pig" in the on'yomi reading) combined with the onomatopoeia「ブーブー」(būbū, pig's oink)

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