Super Mario-kun Volume 7

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Super Mario-kun Volume 7
Publisher Shogakukan
Label Coro Coro Comics
Artist(s) Yukio Sawada
Release date Japan June 28, 1993
France November 25, 2015
Spain July 4, 2017
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Super Mario-kun Volume 7 is the seventh volume of the manga series. It starts the Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins story arc (which was already anticipated in the last volume's last chapter) with elements from Yoshi's Cookie. In this chapter, Mario, accompanied by Carrot and Yokkī, enters the Tree Zone, Turtle Zone, Mario Zone, and Macro Zone.

The last two chapters are two original stories; the first one has elements from Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, and Super Mario Bros. 2, while the last one is a completely original story, narrated in the style of a role-playing game.

This volume's extras are puzzles.


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Stage 1[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 7 chapter 1 cover

帰ってきたマリオ!! 打倒ワリオへGO!! (Mario is Back!! Go and Defeat Wario!!)

After saving Princess Peach from Bowser's clutches in Dinosaur Land, Mario decides to return to his home in Mario Land, the land Peach gave to him as a reward for all his (and Luigi's) heroic acts, and enjoy some well deserved rest. Flying in the Sky Pop, Mario returns to Mario Land, but he's not even landed yet that he's attacked by a tree. Then, after crashing, the entire vegetation attacks him. Mario questions himself if he got on the right island and sees the welcoming sign: it's saying "Mario Land". A Goomba appears and replaces the sign with another one that's saying "Wario Land". Still shocked, Mario's childhood friend, Wario himself, way bigger and stronger than the last time Mario saw him, appears.

Wario mocks Mario and explains to him that he conquered the Mario Land, while he was busy fighting Bowser, because he is jealous of his popularity and the fact that he owns a castle. To conquer it, Wario hypnotized (almost) every inhabitant of the island to be on his side, explaining why even the vegetation attacked him. Wario shoves Mario down a cliff, but he manages to save himself with a rope, then tries to punch him, but he ends up only in hurting himself, without making Wario flinch. Wario beats him to a pulp, then leaves. Mario tries to sneakily make faces behind his back, but Wario catches him in the act and beats him again, then disappears with the Goomba, his assistant.

Mario hears someone approaching: it's a Spikey that farts on him, then rolls towards him. A pebble gets it by one of Spikey's spikes and it's launched in the air, hitting a ? Block from which a Carrot comes out. The Carrot lands on Mario and he becomes Bunny Mario, letting him dodge the incoming Spikey with a hop. Spikey rolls on a wall and Mario kicks him, defeating him. The Carrot, which can speak and grows some limbs, explains that not everyone succumbed to Wario's hypnosis, like the power-ups, which won't follow Wario's orders. She also explains that the Mario's Castle, now Wario's HQ, is locked and only the 6 Golden Coins can open it, and they are hidden in the six regions of the island. So, Mario, with his new ally, decides to go on a quest to search the 6 Golden Coins and retake Mario Land from Wario.

Stage 2[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 7 chapter 2 cover

ツリーゾーン突入!! この木なんの木敵がいる木!? (Enter the Tree Zone!! What Kind of Tree is This!?)

With Mario's return, Wario and his fellow Goomba are testing the castle traps, but they should also spy on Mario. Goomba presents to Wario the Kyotonbo, a robot dragonfly with a hidden camera linked to their computer screen. However, the Kyotonbo gets too near to Mario, so he squashes it, making the computer screen explode on Wario and Goomba's faces.

The Tree Zone, the first region made out of a giant tree. Mario and Carrot enter the first area and, fascinated by the Tree sap walls, Mario falls in a pond of sap. Carrot tries to help him, but gets stuck herself as well. A Moofish drags Mario deeper and attempts to kill him, but dodging it like a toreador, Mario has the upper hand, but then the Moofish enlarges its horns and charges at him. Carrot finally frees herself from the sap and slaps herself on Mario, giving him Bunny Ears. With those, Mario holds the Moofish's horns and then breaks them, defeating it. Later, after getting stung by a Spike, Mario sits on a Noko Bombette, making it explode.

Finally out from the trunk, it's time to face the branches. The duo enters a beehive. Scared of the Beebees, Mario puts an armor on, but at the first attempted sting, Mario jumps out and rushes in the middle of a nest of Beebees and Uneras, knocking them out. Mario gives a sigh of relief, but is then crushed by a Bigbee. Mario, angry, slams it with a swatter, then buries it in the ground. Angry, the Bigbee calls a group of Skeleton Bees that stings him in the bunny ears. Mario is hurt, but realized that the stings made his swollen ears big and use those as a swatter to off all the Beebees. Dragging behind him a pair of big, swollen and bulky bunny ears, Mario and Carrot leave the beehive.

Stage 3[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 7 chapter 3 cover

助っ人グー登場!! ねむけざましのベルが鳴る!? (Helpful Heavy Zed is Here!! The Sleepy Bell Rings!?)

Goomba has made a second Kyotonbo to spy on Mario and Carrot, who are busy fishing coins on the branches of Tree Zone. Once again, the Kyotonbo gets too near and Mario squashes it, making Wario's screen explode on his face again.

All the coins collected are put by Mario in a sack, but when he's about to pick it up, a Battle Beetle takes it, challenging Mario to take it back. Mario punches it on the belly, but only causes him to be tickled, and drops the bag on top of the two heroes, knocking out Carrot. Mario is punched against the trunk of the Tree. The Battle Beetle attacks with another punch that Mario ends up avoiding, making it hit the tree. From a higher branch, a sleeping Heavy Zed falls on the Battle Beetle, squashing it.

Carrot suggests then to use Heavy Zed's flying ability to reach the top and quickly looking for the Golden Coin. With some difficulty in keeping the Zed awake, Mario and Carrot reaches the top of the Tree Zone, where they see a giant and shiny bird nest. In the nest, Mario and Carrot finds Big Bird in the middle of polishing his egg. Mario realizes that the coin must be in the egg and orders him to give it to him.

Big Bird attacks, trying to swoop at them, but they easily dodge him. Big Bird then ruffles out some of his feathers, that falls on Mario, tickling him. Big Bird swoops again at him, but Heavy Zed arrives as the heroes' aid with a Bonus bell. Carrot rings it and accesses to Mario Catcher, winning a Fire Flower she passes to Mario, transforming him into Fire Mario. Mario roasts Big Bird and wins, but when he goes to check the egg, the coin isn't there, there's just a bald guy. Only then, Mario and Carrot notices a lot of many other eggs. Mario, Carrot and Heavy Zed starts checking each egg. Heavy Zed finds it with the first try, but falls asleep, so Mario and Carrot keeps checking many other eggs before noticing it.

Stage 4[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 7 chapter 4 cover

お役に立ちます!? ヨッシーからの贈り物!! (Useful, You Say!? A Gift From Yoshi!!)

While heading to the Zone, Mario and Carrot come across a Flying Message Block. The block is from Yoshi and, to thank Mario for saving his country from Bowser, he has sent a bunch of delicious food from Dinosaur Land, but apart from a Yoshi Cookie, that Carrot puts away in her hair-leaves, Mario only finds a bunch of enemy based food. The duo reaches Turtle Zone entrance. The Koopa Troopa statue's head lunges at Mario, but he dodges it for some time, but in the end, Mario and Carrot are swallowed, ending up in the ocean. Immediately, they are attacked by a bunch of Cheep Cheeps and Blurps. After failing to stop them with a stomp, Mario touches Carrot, becomes Bunny Mario and defeats the fishes, then, using the ears as a propeller, the two zip away, not noticing a group of small octopuses spying on them.

Continuing on their path, Mario and Carrot fall in the small octopuses' trap and find themselves trapped in a box made of Empty Blocks, where the small octopuses force them to fight a Shark in a cage match. The Shark has the upper hand, but then he hears the gong sound, but the small octopuses realize it was Carrot imitating the gong. The second round starts and Mario manages to do better, but not by much, and gets beat again to a pulp. Suddenly, the water level starts lowering and Mario notices the Yoshi Cookie kept by Carrot drinking the water inside the cage, making the Shark and the small octopuses flip due to water absence.

Mario kicks one of the flipping small octopuses against a ? Block with a Moneybag inside. Using it a boxing glove, Mario puts the Moneybag on one of the bunny ears, and punches the Shark so hard to make a hole in the cage, letting the heroes continuing their journey with a new party member: Yokkī the Yoshi Cookie.

Stage 5[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 7 chapter 5 cover

沈黙の潜水艦!? バクダンマリオで一発逆転!! (The Wrecked Submarine!? Bomb Mario One-Shot Attack!!)

Goomba has prepared a third Kyotonbo to spy on Mario, but Wario had enough of exploding screens, so Goomba hires the small octopuses to spy on Mario, disguised as takoyakis, but two of them (the ones having the camera) are eaten by Yokkī. Through a speaker, Wario warns the rest of the small octopuses to use "that" and they go into action. Mario's party reaches a sunken and shipwrecked submarine and explores it. After the team gets lost, Mario uses Yokkī to chomp the walls and skip the level in a jiffy, but they are attacked by a Bill Blaster. Running away, Carrot loses sight of Mario and Yokkī.

Suddenly, something is attacking the submarine and, watching on a porthole, Mario and Yokkī see an octopus submarine attacking them with poop-shaped torpedoes. One of the explosions bumps Mario and Yokkī to a group of Cheep Cheeps and Unibo. Mario asks Yokkī to get rid of them, but he's knocked out. Meanwhile, Carrot has found a way out and end up in the surface, on an island with "Wario Land 2" written in coins and the W in blocks. Carrot decides to fix this and destroys the central part of the W and, through some Hidden Blocks, creates an M. This causes the shipwrecked submarine to repair himself, and dehypnotizes the enemies inside. With their help, Mario guide a counterattack to the small octopuses' submarine.

The fishes, now on Mario's side, attack the small octopuses, but are squeezed by the submarine's tentacles. Mario then orders the Bill Blaster to shoot some torpedoes, but it has no more ammunition. Yokkī, then, jumps in the save files room and hits the CLEAR, transforming Mario into Bomb Mario. Carrot reloads Mario in the Bill Blaster and shoots him to the enemies. Bomb Mario explode, destroying the enemy submarine (and almost killing himself).

Stage 6[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 7 chapter 6 cover

海底大戦争!? 失クリボーの恩返し!! (The Great Underwater War!? Rescuing the Lost Goomba!!)

While exploring the last bit of the Turtle Zone, the party come across eight Goombas in distress: not being hypnotized by Wario, they got punished by planting a sharp object in their heads and then got tossed in the sea. Mario helps them and they all thank him. At Mario's Castle, Wario is complaining that the rebel Goombas have been rescued, but his assistant Goomba reassures him that everything is under control: the small octopus-spies and their boss, the octopus Pako, are ready to face Mario, having decorated their base, the whale they live in as a restaurant. Wario is not confident in their plan, but Mario and his friends fall for it.

While self-serving themselves by a conveyor belt of food, the party is attacked by the small octopuses, beaten up and then tossed in the gastric acid. Hiding inside Yokkī's mouth, Mario and Carrot survives, while Yokkī loses its skin. Mario punches the small octopuses and they run to their boss, who's waiting to face Mario. Mario's party and Pako fight: Pako has the upper hand, strangling Mario with his tentacles, then slapping away Yokkī after he tried to eat his tentacles. Carrot grabs a Fire Flower from a ? Block and passes it to Mario, turning him into Hinotama Mario.

Burned by his aura, Pako declares himself defeated and reveals that his Golden Coin is hidden inside his pot. Mario enters the pot, but immediately after, Pako corks it, trapping Mario inside. While Pako victoriously laughs, the Goomba rebels, wearing diving helmets, come and rescue Mario destroying the pot. Mario is free and has the second Golden Coin with him. Furious, Pako tries to grab the pesky Goombas, but they outsmart him and he ends up entangling his tentacles on themselves. While the heroes celebrates with the Goombas, Wario punishes his assistant, hanging him on a pole like a teru teru bōzu.

Stage 7[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 7 chapter 7 cover

マリオ人形の逆襲!? カギをめぐって大騒動 !! (Mario Zone's Counterattack!? A Fuss Over the Key!!)

The next stop for Mario and Carrot is the Mario Zone. Due to an old prank war with Luigi, Mario reveals that he had to hide the key of the Zone to avoid that his brother would cause trouble with the mechanical statue, but he forgot where he put it. While the two looks for the key, suddenly the statue starts attacking them. Wario appears on the statue's hat and shows that he found the key, showing it off, and reprogrammed the statue to keep him away from it. Mario tries to prove him wrong, but his jump is stopped by the statue's tongue.

While Wario laughs at him, he accidentally activates a Jack-in-the-Box that sends him flying, making him drop the key, right on the statue's nose. With Wario out of the picture, Mario uses Carrot's power to become Bunny Mario and tries to reach the nose by climbing the statue's back, but a mecha-fart stops him from climbing. Flying by flapping the ears, Mario tries on the front, but the statue spits Bullet Bills on him and then opens his belly to release screws.

While Mario is busy with the Bills and the screws, Carrot, in a fit of rage, bites the statue's boot. The statue reacts by screaming so loudly that it pukes out a bunch of obstacles, enemies and blocks. In one of the latter, Mario finds a 1 UP Heart, obtaining a force shield to overcome the statue's antics and finally gets the key. Mario stops the statue from acting hostile towards him and asks it to open the entrance. The entrance door appears on its crotch: apparently, Luigi managed to tamper with the statue back then.

Meanwhile, Wario has been sent flying straight to the castle, landing head first into a wall.

Stage 8[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 7 chapter 8 cover

マリオ人形に突入!! ブー兄弟をやっつけろ!! (Rushing Inside the Mario Zone!! Defeat the Three Little Pigheads!!)

Mario and Carrot are traversing the Mario Zone. In the first area, Mario has fun with the gears, until he's hit by a Tatenoko. In the second area, the two bounce their way along on the rubber balls, but are attacked by a Bomubomu. After being hit by the enemy's cannonballs, Mario catches them and shoves them back in the Bomubomu's mouth, making it explode. Continuing on their way, Mario falls on a large floor of spikes and makes a run for it, while Carrot finds a rubber ball and uses it to cross the spiked floor, much to Mario's anger.

In the next area, Mario gets lifted across the level by a claw. Carrot tries to help by maneuvering the claw to the other side, sending Mario bumping into every single wall and spike of the level. In the end, the two reach the final area and enter the boss' room, where they are awaited by the Three Little Pigheads. The first pig, Buro, starts the battle, and he is easily defeated, becoming dizzy by his rolling attack. Bucho and Bupon, angry at their brother's ineptitude, attacks Mario together, getting the upper hand by squashing him like a pancake. Carrot pumps air into him, inflating him into a balloon. Bucho hits Mario with a Yashichi, deflating him.

Another package from Yoshi arrives, containing another box of Yoshi Cookies. Following the instruction on the box, Mario discovers that the Yoshi Cookies can be used as a weapon if one of three specific formations is made, so Mario makes a Panic formation, creating an electric explosion and defeats the Three Little Pigheads. Mario obtains the Mario Coin. The pigs jump at him, but they are not attacking him: they are simply bouncing around the whole room, still unconscious.

Stage 9[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 7 chapter 9 cover

敵!? 味方!? ドジなどろぼうケイプ登場 !! (Enemy or Ally!? Collector Appears!!)

Next up is the Macro Zone. Armed with a bag full of items, Mario and Carrot proceed to enter the little villa, but they are approached by a group of Goombas. Mario, trying different disguises, tricks them and the duo makes a run for it inside a gallery carved in a nearby hill, only to be zapped by some magic bolt once inside. Mario and Carrot exit the gallery and discover, much to their shock, that they have become microscopic. Escaped from the, now giant, Goombas, Mario tries to pull out two Super Mushrooms from the bag, but he gets robbed by a speedy collector.

Having lost track of the thief, Mario uses the only item left in his pocket, a dry out 1 UP Heart, and uses it as bait for the little thief, capturing him (much to Carrot's surprise). Mario orders the collector to give him back his items, but the collector reveals he already sold the stolen goods, however, to avoid punishment, he accepts to help Mario get through the Macro Zone and get the Macro Coin from the boss.

The trio reaches the door of the Zone's cottage. Mario tries to get near, but he's burned by a potted Fire Piranha Plant. The collector reveals that the only (safe) way in to the cottage is through the sewage system, pointing to a hole in the ground. Mario gets near to it and a giant ant appears, but the collector reveals that they are easy to take them out: Mario just need to stomp on it. Mario follows the instruction, but gets prickled by some spikes that the ant made appears on his back, revealing to be a Chikunto. The collector then passes a normal-sized coin (which is big for them) and suggests using it to squash it. Thanks to the Bunny Ears strength, Mario defeats the Chikunto and proceed to enter the hole, but Carrot notices that the collector is gone. Just then, the collector returns with another stolen goods he couldn't resist taking it: a Goomba's feces.

Stage 10[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 7 chapter 10 cover

こんなのアリー!? アントット一家の挑戦!! (Such an Ally!? The Challenge of the Ant Family!!)

While traversing the sewers, the group notices an ant colony on the other side of a pipe. There is no way Mario can take them all out by himself. Luckly, the collector has a solution and pulls out a costume to disguise themselves as an ant: the collector will be the head, Carrot the thorax and Mario the abdomen. Even if the strange "six-legged" ant does draw some attention, not one of the ants get suspicious until the collector suddenly farts, making Mario and Carrot (who were right behind him) gasp for air, revealing their trick.

The group makes a run for the exit, while the head of the family, Grandpa Dokanto tries to shot them with his head-cannon, but from the cannon everything get shot but a cannonball (flags, decoration, party spheres). A Goronto, then, tries to bury the intruders under a boulder, apparently succeeding in his plan, but Mario emerges holding the boulder with the Bunny ears and tosses it at Grandpa Dokanto, then flies away with Carrot and the collector. Furious, Grandpa orders a Chikunto to shot them down with its spikes, and, even if Mario gets hit by the spikes, he seems to be more healthy than before: apparently the spikes that landed on his back worked like acupuncture.

Kaipu takes advantage of the situation and steals Dokanto's head cannon and passes it to Mario, who ties it to his hat with the bunny ears. After shooting out the laundry, the collector passes him Bullet Bills and Bob-ombs and Mario blows up the entire ant colony. The heroes skip happily towards the exit, only to find it buried under a landslide caused by one of the cannon shots.

Stage 11[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 7 chapter 11 cover

ハナせばわかる!? ケイプ最後の大仕事!! (Can You Understand It if You Do It!? Collector's Last Big Job!!)

The trio has reached the attic of the cottage, when suddenly Mario and Carrot are attacked by a normal-sized Goomba who stomps on them. The collector saves them by crashing on the Goomba, head first, with an Arwing stolen from Fox McCloud himself. The collector then shows that he also stole some healing items (and Whispy Woods) from the Kirby games and even some items and a Star Thwomp from Super Mario Kart, but Kirby comes and inhales everything and floats away, leaving the trio with nothing.

Suddenly, the sewer rat appears and charges at Mario. While escaping from the Rat's pointy nose, Mario receives from Carrot the Bunny powers and flies away from the Rat's trajectory, making him crash into a wall, where his nose gets stuck. Whipping his Bunny ears, Mario destroys the sewer rat's nose. While Rat complains of his missing nose, another one (identical to an eggplant) grows on his snout. Mario, Carrot and the collector laughs at him and a furious sewer rat jumps on Mario, squashing him. The collector, in a strange act of betrayal, tosses to the sewer rat a Super Mushroom, much to Mario's surprise, but the Mushroom is revealed to be a Poisonous one and the sewer rat is shrink into a tiny mouse.

Having the leverage on the boss, Mario grabs the rat and orders him to give him the Macro Coin, but Rat explains he no longer has it: not so long ago, someone stole it from him. Everyone turns to the collector who just realized that he actually did steal the Macro Coin and still has it, angering Mario and Carrot.

Stage 12[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 7 chapter 12 cover

ひまんじマリオ!? おせいぼダイエット作戦!! (Mario's Free Time!! Oseibo Diet Strategy!!)

Yoshi is going to visits Mario to give him his oseibo (a traditional Japanese new-year end gift, or an offering for the dead, mostly consisting of homemade food). Arrived to Mario and Luigi's house, Yoshi is surprised to find Mario all round and fat rolling down the porch: having participated in many new-year eve parties, Mario has become "as thick as a CoroCoro manga". Even if Yoshi is not happy for Mario's appearance, he does give him his oseibo, but the gift is taken away by Lakitu, which flees towards Bowser's Castle. Mario tries to follow him with the cape, but his weight does not let him fly for more than 1 centimeter from the ground, then tries to jump in his kart, destroying it under his weight. Mario takes the kart's pieces and tosses them into Yoshi's mouth, turning it into Yoshi Kart and riding it.

They soon reach Lakitu that Mario hits with a Red Shell. Lakitu loses the oseibo, but a Flying Goomba catches it and continue flying it over to Bowser's. Mario and Yoshi are then attacked by the Koopa Troop, but Yoshi eats them all and, thanks to a red shelled Koopa, uses the fire breath as a turbo nitro, until they crash on a pipe. A Mega Mole appears to attack them but, sick and tired of all these enemies, Mario grabs him with a "Super Mario Bros. 2 pick up move" and tosses him away (right on Yoshi).

Continuing their chase, the two meet Birdo, who captured the thieving Para-Goomba, but refuses to give the stolen good back, having being ordered by her boss (that Mario presumes being Bowser) to not let Mario reach for the Ooseibo. Birdo starts attacking Mario by spitting her eggs at him. With all the movement and all the physical in dodging, jumping on and tossing the eggs, Mario starts to finally lose some weight, but he is still unable to hit Birdo. Yoshi then passes him a Carrot and Mario, using his Bunny ears, grabs all the eggs spitted and him and tosses all together to Birdo, finally defeating her.

During the fight, the Para-Goomba fled and reached Bowser's Castle, where Mario and Yoshi arrives, discovering that the mind behind this silly chase was not Bowser, but Princess Peach: she was the mind behind this plan, with the help of Luigi and the Koopa Troop, all to help Mario in making some kind of exercise and getting in shape. Initially angry, Mario thanks Peach and the Koopas, and Yoshi decides to share the oseibo's food with everyone but, much to everyone except Yoshi's dismay, the oseibo contains the food most hated by Mario and the Koopa Troop: canned enemies.

Stage 13[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 7 chapter 13 cover

マリオとヨッシーのスター花クエスト!! (Mario and Yoshi's Star Flower Quest!!)

To thank Mario and Luigi for freeing Dinosaur Land from Bowser, Yoshi invites them to Mura Mura, his hometown, so they can be greeted and cheered by his friends, chief and "cute girls". However, once the trio reaches the village, they are welcomed by a bunch of pigs: Yoshi recognized one of the pigs to be the village chief. He explains that a contagious pandemic, the influenza tontonbū-gata, is turning the infected into a pig, even Luigi is turned into one. The village chief reveals that a cure exists: an infusion made with a rare Star Hana. Yoshi and Mario start immediately their journey to find the flower.

During their quest, Mario notices that their adventure, from the camera angle to the textboxes, looks like an RPG videogame. At one point, trying to go back, Mario bumps head first into Yoshi, which was following him right behind him (like any RPG allies). Having reached a grassy area, they find an Unchimu, which attacks them. Mario defeats it, obtaining a chest full of useless items, like a map of the world and a cool looking armor that is just a cardboard box.

Mario and Yoshi eventually finds the Star Hana, but just before they can take it, a Chō Dossun appears, refusing to giving up the flower, attached to his head. Mario tries to attack him with a cape twirl, but the attack does nothing to the enemy, Yoshi then summons a rain of Yoshi Cookies, that he proceeds to eat, before getting squashed by the Chō Dossun. Mario then pulls out the last two items he got from that chest: first a Music Box that makes him fall asleep (instead of the enemy), then he takes a big pencil with mines and uses them as spears, finally hurting the enemy, but also angering it. Mario then uses it syringe in his doctor outfit and punctures the Chō Dossun. Mario reveals that the syringe is full of the pig flu that affected the Yoshis and Luigi, turning the Chō Dossun into a pig.

Saddened, the Chō Dossun gives up fighting and Mario takes the Star Hana, bringing it back to the village. Everyone is cured and reverted to their original form. The party begins and all the female Yoshis surrounds Mario to kiss him, upset that those are the "cute girls" Yoshi was talking about.


マリオスーパー迷路・パズル (Mario Super Maze: Puzzle)

  1. おさらバスル (Goodbye, tray): There's only one shard you don't need. Which one of the 6 is it?
  2. ヨッシーのパクパク迷路 (Yoshi's chomp-chomp maze): Let's reach the goal by passing only by the enemies that Yoshi can eat.
  3. ピーチ姫のつみきパズル (Princess Peach's block puzzle): Princess Peach made a castle with building blocks. Which set of block, from 1 through 5, has she used?
  4. 犯人はだれだ?! (Who is the culprit?!): Using Mario and Yoshi's testimonies, find which one of the enemies made Princess Peach cry.
  5. カミナリ迷路 (Thunder maze): Help Yoshi passing through the space between the Sumo Bro's lightning shocks.
  6. ヨッシーの冒険迷路 (Yoshi's Adventure Maze): Collect all 4 items from the start and go to Mario. On the way back, go to Princess Peach after defeating all the enemies. (You can't go the same way back and forth)
  7. スーパーアスレチック迷路 (Super Athletic Maze): From the start reach the goal on the mountain, beyond the sea and over the hills.
  8. 迷宮城突破迷路 (Maze to break through the labyrinth castle): Let's reach the goal by taking the Cape Feather that the Super Koopa has.