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Yokkī and Mario side image
Species Yoshi Cookie
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 7 (1993)
Latest appearance Super Mario-kun volume 10 (1994)

Yokkī is a sentient Yoshi Cookie (the one shaped like a Yoshi's head) that appears as an ally in the Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins story arc in Super Mario-kun.

While collecting the 6 Golden Coins, Mario and his new partner Carrot receive a package from Yoshi full of food as a thanks for helping him save Dinosaur Land from Bowser. After tossing away the numerous canned enemies that Mario dislikes, Carrot finds a big Yoshi Cookie and decides to keep it in its leaf-hair. Later, while exploring the Turtle Zone, the duo is attacked by the small octopuses and a Shark, but in Mario's aid comes the Yoshi Cookie, which not only is revealed to be alive, but also drains the water of the arena, leaving the enemies gasping for water. With that, Mario welcomes the new partner on board, calling him Yokkī. After completing the Turtle Zone, Yokkī does not reappear in the rest of the volume.

Yokkī is mostly used by Mario as a shield since, just like Yoshi, Yokkī loves to devour everything in his path. Sometimes, Mario even uses him as a shelter by hiding in his mouth from attacks and sometimes as a boat to cross the lava. He does not speak much, but his personality is just like Yoshi: childlike and silly.

In volume 8, Yokkī is very scared of the perils hiding in the Pumpkin Zone. During the battle with the Witch, he gets crushed, alongside Carrot, by two Leaping Lids, fusing them together. While Bunny Yokkī is distracting Witch, Mario steals her wand and defeats her.

In volume 9, it is revealed that Mario keeps the collected Golden Coins in Yokkī, breaking him like a piggy-bank (and building him back, sometimes in the wrong way) whenever he needs to show them off. Tatanga discovers this and, using one of the Pagosu's lasers, grabs Yokkī, breaks him, and steals the coins. After reaching Tatanga, he first tries to use Yokkī like a shield as well by hiding inside him, making him suffer the attacks of his allies.

In the tenth volume, Yokkī is used to skip and protect Mario and Carrot from the traps and obstacles of Wario's Castle. Yokkī is then the only one to help Mario during the final battle, since Carrot is hypnotized by Wario into aiding him. Yokkī eats the Goombas in the room, and an angry Wario turns him into a pig. Later, after the entire Mario Land and Luigi arrive to see the final battle, Yokkī pleads the latter to help Mario. Luigi pulls out an Item Box with Lightning in it and shoves it into Yokkī's mouth, then Mario grabs the electrified Yokkī and tosses him at Wario, defeating him and destroying the castle with a huge electric explosion. Mario then intends to use Hippo as the base of his new castle, where Carrot and Yokkī would live. In the last panel, Yokkī is seen munching on Hippo's ear-tower.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッキー
Portmanteau of「ヨッシー」(Yosshī, Yoshi) and「クッキー」(kukkī, cookie)