Super Mario-kun Volume 10

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Super Mario-kun Volume 10
Super Mario-kun #10
Publisher Shogakukan
Label Coro Coro Comics
Artist(s) Yukio Sawada
Release date Japan June 25, 1994
France March 23, 2016
Spain October 3, 2017
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Super Mario-kun Volume 10 is the tenth volume of the manga series. It concludes both the Mario & Wario and the Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins arcs (the former having some elements from Super Metroid and Mega Man) and follows with a one-chapter story based on Yoshi's Safari and the beginning of the Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 arc (with elements from Tetris).

The last chapter is a bonus story based on Super Mario All-Stars in which Bowser, Wart, and Wario form an alliance to beat Mario and his friends.

This volume's extras are 4-komas and bonus pictures, while the Super Mario All-Stars story contains mazes and a surprise quiz based on the aforementioned pictures.


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Stage 1[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 10 chapter 1 cover

戦隊VS巨大ロボ!? ルイージの大災難 !! (Team VS Giant Robo!? Luigi's catastrophe!!)

The search for Luigi continues. In some forest, Luigi falls asleep due to the cold and gets covered by the falling leaves. A few hours later, Mario, Yoshi and Bowser-Wanda pass by Luigi's leaf pile without noticing him and, not only that, Mario also sets fire to the pile to warm themselves, while Luigi's screams are covered by Yoshi's, whose foot is being stepped on by Mario. To get cover from the strong autumn wind, the three heroes enters a cave.

The cave is revealed to be made out of ice and it is so cold that Wario's mucus freezes instantly into stalactites that falls near the others, who just now notices Wario flying above them riding the Bulldog. Mario tries to reach him, but keeps slipping on the icy floor, and he gets also smacked by Wario with a spanking-paddle. Wario leaves, leaving them with for Komorins: the Komorin Jā. Not one of the heroes take them seriously and attempt to leave, but the Komorin Jā shoot Unibo at them, but Mario stops them using Yoshi's mouth and makes him spit them at the Komorins. The trio attempts to run away again, but Mario and Yoshi are stuck on some Nebaneba Blocks. The Komorin Jā come together to summon their robot: the Komorin Ka, which rolls over Mario and Yoshi.

Bowser-Wanda takes them away and summons a robot for Mario as well: the Mario Zone's robot. Mario jumps on the control panel of the Mario Zone, but can not quite control it, and things gets harder when a Pipe-shaped bucket is put on the robot's head. After getting shoved left and right by the Komorin Ka, the Mario Zone finally gets the bucket of from its head and pukes out all the enemies, obstacles and items inside its mouth right on the Komorin Ka, overwhelming it and defeating it. As Mario steps out the worn out robot, Yoshi notices that it started snowing outside and the three go out and play with the snow, not noticing the burnt out Luigi, covered by the snow.

Stage 2[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 10 chapter 2 cover

のろいのツボ!? ルイージの大災難 2!! (Cursed acupoints!? Luigi's catastrophe 2!!)

During a snow storm, a Dry Bones and a Flying Goomba are looking for Bowser to help him in his serach for Luigi. The Dry Bones trips on something: a frozen Luigi, who has still being lying on the ground since last chapter. The two first try to break the ice, then take him to a lava cave and submerges Luigi in the lava, melting the ice (and burning him). The two explain to Luigi that Bowser is looking for him to help Princess Peach remove Wario's bucket from her head, since Wario described him as "the key to remove it". Luigi does not understand what they are talking about, but he offers to help.

Now that he is free from the ice, Luigi admits that he needs to go to pee, and so do the others. They find a pot and, ignoring a nearby sign, they all pee in it and, suddenly, they are turned into Tsubōn. The Flying Goomba reads the sign, revealing that it carries a curse, turning people who pee in it in Tsubōn. They then see someone arrive: it is Mario and Bowser-Wanda. The two finds Yoshi (who went in the cave first) in a strange state: his face has become a pot after he peed in one. Wario appears above them and explains that the cave has a cursed pot that turns the ones that pee in it into Tsubōn, but strangely Yoshi did not fully transform. Wario also reveals that there is a sword, at the end of the cave, that should break the curse, then he disappears.

Luigi, the Dry Bones and the Flying Goomba, having recognized Mario and Bowser, try to make themselves notice, but they are not recognized and are treated as enemies, realizing only then that they cannot speak, instead they spit flames, although they are able to communicate between each others via telepathy. Mario and his partners make their way in the Tsubōn filled cave (and only Yoshi realizes that they have familiar faces) and finally find the alleged sword Wario was talking about. A famished Blargg emerges from the lava and attacks them. Bowser tries to order the Blargg to stop, but he does not get recognized by his minion. After distracting the beast with Yoshi, Mario attempts to make a run for the sword and, with a little help from Bowser-Wanda's wand, reaches it. With a Tsubōn pestering it, Mario pulls out the sword, breaking the curse on the victims and the Tsubōn that was pestering him is revealed to be a Super Star who was cheering him. The Super Star powers-up the sword and with that, Mario defeats the Blargg. The heroes celebrate, not noticing that Luigi, Dry Bones and the Flying Goomba (who were following them on the ceiling) just fell from the ceiling and, unfortunately for him, Luigi fell straight in the lava.

Stage 3[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 10 chapter 3 cover

海中大決戦!! ワリオ面魚をつり上げろ!! (Underwater Great Battle!! Lift up Wario-men Sakana!!)

Back at his base, Wario is on Cloud Nine: Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, his own game, has just been released, and he is loving the Japanese commercial. His Goomba assistant, however, reminds him he should be worrying that Mario and Bowser could find Luigi and foil his bucket plan, but Wario has many trump cards up his sleeve. At Pukupuku Kai, Mario, Yoshi and Bowser-Wanda are traversing the ocean, when a small octopus and a sunfish ends up on Mario and Bowser's heads respectively.

When they both say they cannot remove the fishes from their head, a Chochin Unkou, an angler fish shaped like a poo, attacks them by paralyzing them with his lightbulb and morphing the fishes on Mario and Bowser's heads into objects, in order to suffocate them. Yoshi, snaps out from the paralysis, eats his allies in order to digest the fishes and popping his freed friends out in an egg. Now free, Mario defeats the Chochin Unkou with a fireball and celebrates, but another fish comes to battle them: Wario-men Sakana, a Ningyo with Wario's face.

Bowser-Wanda uses magic to protect themselves under a protective bubble that the Wario-men Sakana gets rid of quite quickly. Mario then attempts to scare off the fish using an inflatable buffed body, but Yoshi accidentally ruins the trick by removing the cork from the balloon. The Wario-men Sakana punches Mario against a ? Block. Inside, Mario finds a Star that, for some reasons, turns him into a star. Believing to be invincible, Mario attacks the fish, but he has not gained a single power and gets hurt by simply slamming against the enemy's face. Angry and unamused, the Wario-men Sakana lunges at them, but he gets hooked by a fisherman and pulled out from the water. With the enemy disappeared, the gang continue their search for Luigi, unaware that Luigi is running away from the Wario-men Sakana he just fished.

Stage 4[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 10 chapter 4 cover

主役争奪戦!! ルイージ怒りの大暴走!! (Battle for the leading role!! Luigi's angry runaway!!)

The heroes are exploring the Balloon Bridge in search for Luigi. Tired and hungry, Yoshi smells some foods in the clouds and, while watching better, finds Luigi grilling some fish. The three hug Luigi in happiness, but then Mario asks why they were looking for him in the first place. Bowser smacks him on the head, explaining that Wario said he is the key to remove the bucket from Princess Peach's head. Mario understands, but he is continuously smacked in the head, but not from Bowser, but from Luigi. Much to Mario's surprise and shock, Luigi demands that he get the leading role, unhappy to be a side character.

After Luigi starts tossing blocks, Mario and Yoshi see Lakitu above them enjoying the show. He explained that, under Wario's orders, he messed with Luigi's brain thanks to his cloud's gadgets: by simply amplifying his desire to be the protagonist, Luigi was turned into a fury. Mario understands that he needs to stop Luigi by beating him up, succeeding in the mission, but Lakitu's increase Luigi's strength, turning him into a beast: Luigi Kong Chēnji. Luigi Kong inhales with his nose so much that Mario gets trapped in his nostril, then sniffs it out from the opposite nostril.

Mario tries to toss a fireball, but after raising his hand, Yoshi mistakes it for a high five and claps Mario's hand, pushing away the fireball. Mario and Yoshi start running while chased by Luigi Kong, but Bowser-Wanda creates a traffic cone that tricks Luigi into running around it. With Luigi momentarily neutralized, the gang bring their attention to Lakitu. After shaping his cloud into a cannon, Lakitu starts shooting at them, but Mario kicks the cannonballs away.

Luigi returns, but Mario kicks Yoshi to him, trapping Luigi in his mouth. After dodging another attack from Lakitu, Bowser-Wanda passes a Fūsen Block to Mario, turning him into Balloon Mario. Using his horn, Bowser pops Balloon Mario, sending him flying towards Lakitu, defeating him and destroying his cloud. Lakitu's influence on Luigi wears off and Luigi turns back to normal and gets out from Yoshi's mouth. Next stop: Bowser's Castle, where a disappointed Wario is waiting to finish this, once and for all.

Stage 5[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 10 chapter 5 cover

ワリロイド出現!! バケツ対決ついに決着!! (Wariroid Appears!! Bucket Showdown Finally Settled!!)

The gang has made it to Bowser's Castle, but Luigi reveals he has no idea how to remove Peach's bucket and has no idea what Wario's phrase meant. Speaking of Wario, he shows up, riding his Bulldog, above them and attacks by tossing five Piranha Plants at Mario. Mario is bitten on the head and on each of the limbs, so Yoshi plugs Mario to a battery, making him electric, electrocuting the Piranha Plants and making him toss an electric ball at Wario's plan, making it crash to the ground. Wario pulls himself up and, using the pieces of his Bulldog, creates a Power Suit and wears it, becoming Super Wariroid.

Due to his weight and the armor's, Wario sink into the ground, remaining stuck in it. The heroes jump at him, but Wario repels them with the arm cannon. After taking cover, Bowser-Wanda taunts Wario until he runs out of ammo to shoot him at. Wario tries then to shoot farts and poop he "released" inside the Power Suit, but they are not enough to take the heroes down. So, Wario resorts to the Morphball to attack them. Luckily, the Morphball is not fast enough to hurt them or making them fall, but when Mario kicks it, he falls on the ground in pain, having kicked a heavy object. Wario attempts to strike, but finally, Bowser and Wanda spell that kept them fused runs out, and Bowser grabs the Morphball. Wario manages to get free by activating some spikes on the surface of the Morphball, prickling Bowser, who releases him from his clutches.

Wario keeps rolling towards Wario with his spikes out, but Wanda comes to his aid by creating a ! Block. Mario hits it and gets a Block Buster, a Mega Buster-like arm cannon. Mario uses it against Wario, defeating him with one powerful shot that disintegrates his Power Suit. Wario pulls himself up, apparently furious, but he then smiles: Mario passed the test, and he will be soon joining Wario to a treasure hunt to Kitchen Island, later in the volume. All is well what ends well, but one problem still stands: Princess Peach's bucket and Luigi being the key to free her. Wario then grabs Luigi and, after hammering him, flattening him and shapes him into a key, then he inserts him into the "W" shaped keyhole on Peach's bucket. With Peach bucket-free, Bowser takes her and runs to the castle, chased by Mario, while Wario leaves and Luigi, Wanda and Yoshi are still shocked that Luigi was the actual key.

Stage 6[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 10 chapter 6 cover

ワリオ城突入!! 金貨パワーでドンをたおせ!! (Enter Wario Castle!! Use the Golden Coins' power to beat them!!)

After a lot of misadventures, battles and troubles, Mario has collected all the 6 Golden Coins and, after taking a commemorative picture with his partners Hippo, Carrot and Yokkī, they head for Wario's Castle. Wario is not happy about it, taking it out on his minions and his Goomba assistant, but he did reserve the best of his minions for last. Hippo accompanies Mario and his friends to the castle and, after explaining how to open the gate with the Coins, he also reveals that they have a special power with them. After Mario, Carrot and Yokkī enters the castle, Hippo returns to be a statue.

Inside the castle's wall, the gang is attacked by a Floating Face, but it is not taken seriously by the heroes. The Face starts listing about all the traps Wario prepared and they should be ready for them, but it gets squashed by a mechanical fist. Proceeding, Mario avoids an incoming Furizo, but not when it returns back, then, Mario stops a Piranha Plant statue from shooting by plugging Yokkī in it. Yoshi is also used as protection by Mario and Carrot against a bunch of Karamenbo and as a boat to cross a lava pit.

Furious, the Floating Face summons two more Faces to deal against the three heroes, and they seem to overwhelm Mario, who falls to the ground, making the 6 Golden Coins fall. The Coins begin to shine and speak and offer their powers to defeat the enemies. With the power of the Moon Coin, Mario regain strength and with the help of the Turtle Coin, Mario headbutts on of the Floating Faces with an elongating neck. The enemies charge at the group, but Mario backs up against a ? Block containing a Super Mushroom that the Tree Coin gets. Powered up, the Coin summons a gigantic tree, protecting Mario and knocking out the Floating Faces that slammed against it. Mario thanks the Golden Coins, sure that with their help he will defeat Wario. Meanwhile, one of the tree branch made his way to Wario's room, poking it in the butt.

Stage 7[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 10 chapter 7 cover

最終決戦!! 助っ人力で完全勝利!! (Final battle!! Complete victory with partners' power!!)

At last, it is time for the final battle. Wario congratulates with Mario for making it this far, while the latter is ready for a rematch, stating that with the help of his friends, he can easily take him down, unlike the first time. Wario laughs at this and kidnaps Carrot right under Mario and Yokkī's noses and turns her into a black power-up, forcing her to help him in the fight by giving the Bunny power.

Using his heavy jumps, Wario makes Mario trip, leaving him defenseless to his punches. Meanwhile, Yokkī eats the Goombas in the room, getting turned into a pig by Wario's magic. The Golden Coins come to Mario's aid: the Pumpking Coin turns Mario's head into a Jack-o'-Lantern that scares Wario, but only for a second. The Macro Coin swipe Mario's away from Wario's fist, but it bumps against a wall and, releasing his power, hits Wario, turning him into a giant. Being so big to break the roof, the giant Wario grabs Mario and takes it to the rooftop of the castle, slamming against the flagpole.

Mario pulls himself up and tells Wario that he made a grave mistake, since in the flagpole he hid a weapon for crisis such this one: a flute. With Wario, Yokkī and the Coins still confused, Mario plays the flute so horribly that Wario's spell on Carrot breaks, freeing her from Wario's influence. Wario, having lost the Bunny Power, grabs a Fire Flower and bombs Mario with fireballs, yelling that, no matter how many allies he has, they are still a few compared to him. Right at that moment, Luigi, the Heavy Zed and the rest of the inhabitants of the Mario Land, now free from Wario's hypnosis, arrives at the castle. Mario is happy, convinced they all come to aid him, but they all sit on some stands to just cheer and root for him, much to Mario's disappointment.

While Wario prepares to toss a big fireball, Yokkī asks Luigi if he brought at least something, and he pulls out an Item Box containing a Lightning. Luigi tosses it inside Yokkī's mouth, charging him up with electricity, then Mario grabs him and tosses him at Wario, striking him down with a blow so powerful that not only Wario becomes small, but the entire castle collapses. What a pity, right when Wario was defeated. Just then, Mario notices Hippo statues and, with the help of the Golden Coins, turns him into the new Mario's Castle. Meanwhile, Wario flees, promising to make Mario pay for this humiliation.

Stage 8[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 10 chapter 8 cover

マリオのピンボール!? お年玉を取り返せ!! (Mario's Pinball!? Get your New Year's gift back!!)

It's the New Year's Eve. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi are enjoying a picnic outside. As tradition wants, the family chief, on New Year's Eve, has to gift the children with am otoshidama, an envelope with money in it. Peach is about to give the three their otoshidama, when a Flying Goomba swipes them from her hand and flies away towards a flying castle. Mario and Yoshi follow him and, once they reached the castle, Roy, riding his battle hot air balloon, attacks Mario, balling him up into a ball. Then, Roy tosses him inside the castle, created to be a deadly pinball.

Yoshi takes command of the flippers to avoid him falling down the castle, guiding him through a maze of enemy-bumpers. When Mario finally reaches the finish hole, Roy summons a Piranha Plant who bites Mario, putting him back into the pinball. Hitting the shell-shaped bumpers, one of them turns yellow and Yoshi eats it and stomps the ground, shaking it. Mario goes flying off the ground and straight towards Roy, destroying his aircraft and taking back the otoshidama.

Yoshi and Mario return to Luigi and Peach, but she reveals that the envelopes were empty: she did not fill them with coins, yet, so Roy basically stole nothing.

Stage 9[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 10 chapter 9 cover

テトリス勝負!! ヨッシーのお見合い大作戦!! (Tetris game!! Yoshi's matchmaking strategy!!)

After the loss of Birdo, Yoshi has remained single, so Peach decides to present him to a cute and kind Rex called Chirako. To help Yoshi make a good impression, Peach tells him that Chirako loves the CoroCoro Comics, so he decides to buy one for her, heading to the comic book store with Mario. By the time they reach the store, not only it starts snowing, but they find out that the shop is closed due to the weather.

Suddenly, someone pops out from the snow: it is Chirako. She explains that she came from Watasu no Shima, her home island, to buy a CoroCoro comic, but after her departure, she learned that a villain attacked her town: Wario. Mario and Yoshi decide to accompany Chirako to Peach's Castle, when Wario appears on the Bulldog, ready to wreak havoc on the three. Mario tries to shoot him down with snowballs, but the Bulldog's propeller fires them back. While running away, the three falls in a hole.

Having them trapped, Wario tosses at them some Tetriminos made out of ice, freezing who gets trapped under them, a fate Chirako soon follows. Mario, having experience with Tetris, tells Yoshi to order the Tetriminos so to cancel the blocks put in lines. Soon, they manage to get the hang of it and removing most of the Tetriminos, but Wario speed up their falling, trapping Yoshi and freezing Mario's fireballs he tried to use to break the blocks. About to trap Mario as well, the latter notices a Super Star stuck inside a T-Tetrimino and uses it to become Tetris Mario and zaps the Tetriminos with a Tetris Flash.

Wario accepts defeats and flies away. Mario, who climbed out from the hole with the frozen Chirako and Yoshi, tries to zap Wario with a Tetris Flash, but creates an avalanche that takes all three to valley, by Peach's Castle.

Stage 10[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 10 chapter 10 cover

共同戦線!! ワリオと組んで海賊退治!! (Joint Front!! Team up with Wario to get rid of pirates!!)

Mario, Yoshi and Chirako are getting ready to go and save Watasu no Shima from Wario. Luigi prepares from them the Marine Pop, but a problem occurs: the Marine Pop cannot take the wieght of three individuals, so Yoshi is forced to lend his swimming skills to move the Marine Pop, and they are off. Once they reach the beach, they find Wario, in Mini form, tied up and the town folks buried in the sand. After freeing all of them, they explain that, after Wario got back to the island, they were ambushed by the Black Sugar Gang pirates, who stole the Watasu citizens' most prized possession, a giant golden statue of Princess Peach, and went away on their ship.

A group of Pirate Gooms and a Wanderin' Goom appear from behind a hill and start tossing spears at them. Mario presumes they remained to avoid that the citizen were freed, but the Gooms explain that they simply did not get on the ship in time before its departure, but, since they are at it, they can take Mario's head to their captain. After Mario pranks them by giving them a fake head, the Gooms starts trowing spears at them. Yoshi gets hit and is turned into a Goom, while Mario gets squashed by a giant stone spear and Wario gets a bucket stuck in his head.

The island chief admits his worries that now the pirates will force them to give them anything they have, but the only thing the chief has is a Garlic. Wario hears him, grabs the Garlic and manages to eat it, becoming bigger, breaking the bucket and pounding the Gooms into a pulp. After freeing Mario and Yoshi, Wario asks the Gooms where the rest of the pirates are, and they answer: Kitchen Island. The citizens ask to bring back their treasure and Wario accepts, asking Mario and Yoshi to help him, revealing also that, with the treasure and reward, he will be able to build his own castle.

Bonus Stage[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 10 bonus chapter cover + part 1 cover

スーパーマリオくん☆スペシャル スーパーメイズコレクション (Super Mario-kun ☆ Special Super Maze Collection)

Part 1[edit]

ピーチ姫を救え!! メイズ(迷路)ワールド突入!! (Save Princess Peach!! Maze World Rush!!)

Spring has returned to the Mushroom Kingdom. Yoshi has woken up from his winter hibernation and is ready to eat with Mario and Luigi, however, Toad brings bad news to the three: Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser. Bowser appears, riding his Koopa Clown Car, while Peach tries to get Mario's attention by trowing rocks at him. After Bowser proclaims he will marry Peach against her will, he states that, in order to save her, Mario has to get through a series of maze that he and Wart prepared, then disappears. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi finds the entrance of the mazes and enters in them.

  1. It's a maze of winding clay pipes! Of the three arrows, only one is the correct entrance! Go through the clay pipes and aim for the goal!
  2. O-ho! Mario is surrounded by three Boos! Let's escape to the goal so as not to meet any Boo!
  3. At first glance, it looks like a normal maze, but with a formidable enemy hidden in it! If you beat the maze and fill the path you took, it will appear!

The trio gets through all three mazes and finds Wart at the finish line, to which they fill his mouth full of Vegetables, knocking him out. Luigi, however, realizes that Bowser and Wart would not collaborate by themselves: someone else is involved in this alliance, and he is right, as an off-screen voice points out.

Part 2[edit]

ついに出現!! 本当の黒幕はコイツだ!! (Finally he appeared!! The real mastermind is him!!)

Super Mario-kun Volume 10 bonus chapter's part 2 cover

From the ground, Wario's castle emerges, with Wario, Bowser and Wart on the rooftoop. The former one explains he came up with this alliance to succeed where they all failed by themselves: defeat Mario. With Peach still in Bowser's clutches, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi enters the castle and face three more mazes.

  1. It is a one-way maze that can only be advanced in the direction of the arrow. Use the forks to go round and round!
  2. Here it is! It is a bonus maze with a lot of coins. Find the way to get the most coins! However, once you've taken it, you can't take it again.
  3. There are four mazes in all? No, all four mazes are connected, and it is one big maze! The road to the goal is long, but can you get through?

Wario, Bowser and Wart are defeated and Peach is saved. However, Wario stands up and unveil one last trap: a machine of Tairyō no Bomuhei and on the machine are four illustrations from Super Mario Bros. (Koopa Troopa, Koopa Paratroopa, Goomba and Super Star). Mario has to pair each icon with the number of times it appears throughout the volume. That said, Wario and his allies flee on a hot air balloon, leaving the heroes to their doom.

The three villains hides behind a rock to enjoy the explosion, but Mario and his friends get out, claiming to have solved the puzzle, then leaves riding the Sky Pop. Shocked, the three villains returns inside the castle and discover that they actually solved the puzzle. Angry, Bowser kicks the machine, switching it on and making the Bob-ombs explode, much to the heroes' delight.

4-komas and extras[edit]

4コマだよワリオだよ (It's 4-koma! Wario's!)

  1. Part 1:
    1. もちもち (Potato): Wario and his assistants are having lunch. Wario sits up to answer the phone, while his minion greedily eats all the food, leaving nothing for Wario, who punches all of them.
    2. ノコノコ危機一発 (One Koopa Troopa crisis): Koopa Troopa is choking on one of the food and Wario gives him a strong pat to the back, saving him from choking, but almost killing him in the process.
  2. Part 2:
    1. お食事 (Meal): Wario is ready to have dinner, but with his strength he manages to break not only the chopsticks, but even the bowl, forcing him to eat without hands.
    2. コーヒータイム (Coffee break): Koopa Troopa brings Wario a coffee. Enchanted by the aroma, Wario inhale so much that the coffee goes in his nostrils, almost choking him.
  3. Part 3:
    1. スーパークリオマン (Super-Wario-Man): "It's a bird? It's a plane?" No, it's Super-Wario-Man, whose big belly destroys a building by just scraping it while flying above it.
    2. スーパークリオマン② (Super-Wario-Man 2): Super-Wario-Man finds a puppy on the rails while the train is coming. Wario flies down to save him, but the train crashes on him, without him even noticing it.
  4. Part 4, 少年時代のステキな思い出 (Wonderful childhood memories): A young Wario returns home covered in scratches, meaning he had yet another fight. His parents tie him up to a pillar as a punishment. The two, then, leaves the house to go to a restaurant. Wario, being hungry, follows them, with the pillar still tied to him, destroying the house in the process and angering his parents even more.
  5. Part 5:
    1. 水中面 (Above the water): Wario is in a water level, but finding it difficult to swim, he punches a hole in the panel, pouring the water of the level inside the nearby 4-koma. However, now with the floor full of fishes out of water, it is now hard to walk.
    2. CM: Mario and Yoshi are promoting a sale on the Super Mario-kun non-tankōbon chapters, when the water from the nearby 4-koma is poured in theirs, ruining the manga they were showcasing.

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