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Mari Mario
Mario turned into Mari Mario
Applies to Mario
Power(s) given Rolling like a ball
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 1 (1991)
Latest appearance Super Mario-kun volume 10 (1994)

Mari Mario (マリマリオ) is an original transformation that only appears Super Mario-kun. Mario is turned into a ball and it is used as such in different occasions. It is likely a reference to the Morph Ball from the Metroid series, which was originally known as the Maru Mari.

In chapter 1 volume 1, Luigi balls up Mario and tosses him at a Chargin' Chuck, but he tackles Mario towards a cliff.

In chapter 14 volume 2, while Mario lists all of the transformations of Super Mario Bros. 3, he mentions Mari Mario, but Luigi points out that he does not remember such a transformation.

In chapter 8 volume 10, Mario is balled up by Roy and put into a flipper.

Mario would later take on an identical transformation for the majority of Mario Pinball Land.