Super Power-Up Mario

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Super Power-Up Mario
Super Power-Up Mario
Applies to Mario
Item needed Fire Flower, Super Mushroom, Super Leaf, Hammer Suit, Starman, P-Wing, Frog Suit, Cape Feather, Carrot
First appearance Super Mario-kun Volume 5 (1992)
Latest appearance Super Mario-kun Volume 12 (1995)
“超アイテムアターック! (Super Power-Up Attack!)”
Mario, Super Mario-kun
Super Power-Up Mario
Mario combining the power-ups
A variation of Combined Power-Up Mario in Super Mario-kun
The second version of the form

Super Power-Up Mario is a form Mario assumes in Super Mario-Kun by combining various different power-ups, including the Fire Flower, Starman, Super Leaf, and Hammer Suit, resulting in a form that mixes the attributes of their associated forms: Hammer Mario, Super Mario, Fire Mario, Invincible Mario, and Raccoon Mario.

The full power of this form is unknown, but Mario is able to easily defeat Koopa 3 using it.

On a later occasion, Mario used a variation of the form by combining the Frog Suit, the Super Leaf, the Cape Feather, and the Carrot.