Weeglee Candy

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Weeglee Candy

The Weeglee Candy is a yellow Candy in Mario Party 8. It has a picture of three little people on the wrapper. Like Bitsize Candy, it can be found only by passing Candy Areas and cannot be bought from shops. When a player uses it, they transform into three tiny clones of themselves. As the tiny trio moves along the board, the three steal a piece of Candy from any opponent they run into. Weeglee Candy appears only on DK's Treetop Temple and Shy Guy's Perplex Express.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ちびちびキャンディ
Chibichibi kyandi
Shrinking Candy
French (NOA) Bonbon Multi Multi Candy
Italian Caramella Golosona Greedy Candy
Spanish (NOA) Caramelo Weeglee Weeglee Candy
Spanish (NOE) Caramelo Robamelo Robamelo (from robar, "steal") Candy