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In Mario Party 8, the player can listen to the game's music by using the Carnival Calliope in the Fun Bazaar. Like in Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7, the vast majority of the music is unavailable from the start and must be bought from the Surprise Wagon.


Song title Description
Welcome to Mario Party Plays on the title screen.
File Selection Theme Plays on the file select screen.
To the Star Carnival Plays on the main menu.
Pick the Rules Plays when setting the game rules.

Carnival Sounds[edit]

Song title Description
Treetop Temple Plays in DK's Treetop Temple.
Booty Boardwalk Plays in Goomba's Booty Boardwalk.
Haunted Hideaway Plays in King Boo's Haunted Hideaway.
Perplex Express Plays in Shy Guy's Perplex Express.
Tycoon Town Plays in Koopa's Tycoon Town.
Warped Orbit Plays in Bowser's Warped Orbit.
Board Start Theme Plays at the start of a board game, during the explanation of the board and when determining turn order.
Here's the Star Plays when showing the Star's location in DK's Treetop Temple.
Here's Your Chance Plays when a player lands on a Challenge Space.
Go for It Plays when commencing a Battle or Duel mini-game, as well as during the results of a Duel mini-game.
Lucky Route Plays when a player who is in the Lucky Route.
Do It, DK Plays during a Donkey Kong event.
Bowser's Here Plays during a Bowser event. In Star Battle Arena, it plays when Bowser steals the Star Rod and when challenging the player to Superstar Showdown.
We've Just Begun Plays during the event before the last five turns. In Duel mode, it plays when one player is close to victory and the other player is given a prize.
Who Won the Battle? Plays at the end of a board game, when counting Stars and coins and awarding bonus Stars.
Who's the Winner? Plays when determining the winner of a board game.
You're the Star Plays when announcing the winner of a board game and during the final results.
How to Play Plays during the explanation of the rules.
He's Coming? Plays when a player lands on a Bowser Space.
Help Arrives Plays when a player lands on a DK Space.
Go to the Lucky Route Plays when a player lands on a Lucky Space.
You Got a Star Plays when a player gets a Star.
How Lucky Plays when a player rolls doubles with a Twice Candy.
So Lucky Plays when a player rolls triples with a Thrice Candy.
The Board Begins Plays at the start of a board game, when the board's logo appears and during the flyby of the board.
Last Chance Plays before the last 5 turns event.
Star Battle Begins Plays at the start of Star Battle Arena.
Battle Winner Plays if the player wins a board in Star Battle Arena.
You Cleared It Safely Plays between each board in Star Battle Arena.
Follow Bowser Plays after Bowser steals the Star Rod in Star Battle Arena, followed by playing in Bowser's Warped Orbit.
All Cleared Plays after beating Superstar Showdown in Star Battle Arena.
You're the Superstar Plays when the player's character is announced as the Superstar in Star Battle Arena.
See You Later Plays during the credits.

Minigame Sounds[edit]

Song title Description
How to Play Minigames Plays on the mini-game explanation screen.
Everyone's Runnin' Plays in the mini-games Bob-ombs Away, Grabby Gridiron, and Mosh-Pit Playroom. As the name implies, these mini-games involve constant running.
All Messed Up Plays in the mini-games Frozen Assets, Water Ski Spree, Glacial Meltdown, Punch-a-Bunch, Winner or Dinner, and Thrash 'n' Crash.
Chase and Overtake Plays in the mini-games Bumper Balloons, Crops 'n' Robbers, Gun the Runner, Lob to Rob, and Snow Way Out. These mini-games are fast-paced.
Feelin' Cyber Plays in the mini-games Ion the Prize, Mario Matrix, and Saucer Swarm. As the name implies, these mini-games have a futuristic feel to them.
An Unexpected Surprise Plays in the mini-games Boo-ting Gallery, Specter Inspector, and Treacherous Tightrope. These mini-games involve facing fears.
Happy-Go-Lucky Plays in the mini-games At the Chomp Wash, Blazing Lassos, Breakneck Building, Crank to Rank, Chump Rope, Rowed to Victory, and Speedy Graffiti. These mini-games involve use of motion controls.
It's On Now Plays in the mini-games Attention Grabber, Cardiators, Cut from the Team, Eyebrawl, Rotation Station, Scooter Pursuit, Surf's Way Up, Table Menace, Wing and a Scare, and You're the Bob-omb. These mini-games are more intense.
It's a Dead Heat Plays in the mini-games Alpine Assault, Canyon Cruisers, Cosmic Slalom, Kartastrophe, Lean, Mean Ravine, and Moped Mayhem. These mini-games involve racing.
Challenge! Plays in the mini-games Aim of the Game, Chomping Frenzy, Flagging Rights, Flip the Chimp, Puzzle Pillars, Settle It in Court, Shake It Up, Sick and Twisted, Snipe for the Picking, Star Carnival Bowling, Swing Kings, and Trial by Tile.
Friendly Competition Plays in the mini-games Balancing Act, Grabbin' Gold, In the Nick of Time, Loco Motives, Paint Misbehavin', Picture Perfect, Rudder Madness, and Sugar Rush.
Proceed Without Fear Plays in the mini-games King of the Thrill, Lava Lobbers, Lava or Leave 'Em, Power Trip, Pumper Cars, and Swervin' Skies. These mini-games involve dangerous situations.
Don't Miss This Chance Plays in the Challenge mini-games.
Last Match Plays in Superstar Showdown.
It's a New Record Plays if a player sets a new record.
Minigame Winner Plays for the winner(s) of a mini-game and on the results screen.
So Sad to Lose Plays if the player loses a Challenge mini-game, if no one collects coins in Water Ski Spree, and also if a Star Battle ends after 30 turns without a winner.
It's a Draw Plays if a mini-game ends in a tie, except in Rowed to Victory, where "So Sad to Lose" plays instead.
Free Play Plays in Free Play Arcade.
Crown Showdown Plays in Crown Showdown.
Flip-Out Frenzy Plays in Flip-Out Frenzy.
Tic-Tac Drop Plays in Tic-Tac Drop.
Congratulations Plays when announcing the winner(s) of any mode in Mini-Game mode.
Test for the Best 1 Plays at the start of Test for the Best, and until the player has 4000 points.
Test for the Best 2 Plays in Test for the Best if the player has between 4000 and 7000 points.
Test for the Best 3 Plays in Test for the Best if the player has at least 7000 points.
Good Job Plays if the player beats Test for the Best with at least 9400 points.
Not Bad Plays if the player beats Test for the Best with between 6800 and 9399 points.
Try Harder Plays if the player beats Test for the Best with less than 6800 points.
Extras Zone Plays in the Extras Zone.
Fun Bazaar Plays in the Fun Bazaar.
Carnival Parade Plays when viewing the Carnival Wagon's Carnival Parade.