Swing Kings

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Swing Kings
4-player mini-game version.
Duel mini-game version.
Appears in Mario Party 8
Type 4-player mini-game
Duel mini-game
Controls Wii Remote: Swing bat
Buttons: None
Initial record 10
Music Challenge!

Swing Kings is a baseball minigame in Mario Party 8. It is both a 4-Player game and a Duel minigame, and it is one of ten minigames featured in Test for the Best. One minigame in Mario Party 7 is extremely similar, which is only playable on Neon Heights. Another minigame from Mario Party 5, called Dinger Derby, is also similar, though 30 balls are pitched.

Swing Kings is one of the minigames from Mario Party 8 ported to the Japan-only arcade game Mario Party Fushigi no Korokoro Catcher. Here, it is a Bonus Chance Game.


The camera is zoomed in on player one, who is standing on home plate with a Shy Guy beside a basket of baseballs. The screen will then split into multiple screens, one for each player, and the minigame will begin.


A Shy Guy will throw a baseball at the character and the player has to swing the Wii Remote and hit the ball. Occasionally, the Shy Guy will throw a ball higher or lower than normal. The Shy Guys throw twenty balls at each player; after all the balls have been tossed, the minigame ends. The player who hit the most baseballs will win the minigame.


Toadette's victory in Swing Kings.

Victorious characters perform their winning poses in a baseball field, while in the background the players that lose will run around the field, collecting the baseballs and tossing them into a bucket. Except when being played as a Duel minigame, it is possible for there not to be a loser. If no one gets any points or if both players tie in the Duel variant, then a tie occurs.

Note: If both players get the same score in the Duel variant that breaks the current record, it counts as a New Record even though no one won as it will say Tie after the New Record fanfare.[1] This also applies to the other Duel minigames with a record system, such as Saucer Swarm.

Test for the Best[edit]

This minigame appears in Test for the Best. The player plays alone in this minigame and his or her objective is to hit as many of the balls as possible in 20 pitches, with the player earning 50 points for their score for each ball hit.

The scores required to earn a certain point total are as follows:

Grade Points Earned Required in Minigame
A+ 1,000 20 hits
A 900 18 hits
B 800 16 hits
C 700 14 hits
D 600 12 hits


  • Swing Wii Remote – Swing bat

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Hit baseballs into the outfield. You'll get 20 pitches."
  • Hint"Don't put too much swing into it, or you won't be ready for the next pitch."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホームランダービー
Hōmuran Dābī
Homerun Derby
Spanish Vaivén Sway/Seesaw
French Accro-Bate Addict-Bat (pun on acrobate, "acrobat")
German Baseball-Ballerei Baseball Shoot
Italian In Battuta
Korean 홈런더비
Homreon Deobi
Homerun Derby