Sugar Rush (minigame)

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Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush from Mario Party 8
2-vs.-2 minigame version
Appears in Mario Party 8
Type 2-vs.-2 minigame
Duel minigame
Time limit 30 seconds per round
Music track Friendly Competition
Music sample

Sugar Rush is a 2-vs.-2 and Duel minigame in Mario Party 8. Its name is derived from a phrase that refers to when one goes into hyperactivity after consuming too much sugar.


In a bakery, a character is seen putting the finishing touches on a cake sitting on a table. A picture of the cake appears in a box at the top of the screen, and the minigame begins.

  • In normal mode, a Koopa Troopa (who is the main baker) is seen adding the finishing touches.
  • In minigame mode, one of the player's Miis (as the main baker) adds the finishing touches.


The objective of the game is to duplicate the cake that the character lays out by matching the placement of toppings. The first cake created is always the same, while the second one varies with each run. Some cakes require up to seven toppings, while some require as few as three. If a player places a topping in the wrong spot, they must pick it up again and place it in the correct spot. The first team or player to recreate two cakes before the other is the winner. If neither team or player completes a cake within 30 seconds, the game ends in a tie.


Winning players do their victory poses while standing behind a table with their two finished cakes on it. The camera then makes a continuous 360-degree turn around the table (seen only in the 2-vs.-2 version in Party Mode). Rarely, the two cakes shown are not the ones created by the winning team/player.[citation needed] It is unknown what causes this error.


  • Wii Remote: Use the Pointer to move the cursor.
  • Buttons
    • A Button / B Button – Grab/drop toppings

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Recreate the sample cake by moving toppings to the right spots. Get two cakes completed first!"
  • Hint"If you drop a topping in the wrong spot, you'll have to pick it up again and place it in the right spot."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つくってケーキ
Tsukutte kēki
Build the Cake
French Cerise sur le Gâteau Icing on the Cake
German Torten-Sport Cakes Sport
Italian Dolcetti Perfetti Perfect Sweets
Korean 케이크를 만들어!
Keikeuleul Mandeul-eo!
Make a Cake!
Spanish Toque maestro Master Touch