Glacial Meltdown

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Glacial Meltdown
Glacial Meltdown from Mario Party 8
Appears in Mario Party 8
Type Battle minigame
Music track All Messed Up
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Glacial Meltdown is a Battle minigame in Mario Party 8.


The four characters are shown on an iceberg as a Lakitu appears and drops a Buzzy Beetle, surprising them. One of the characters knocks the Buzzy Beetle back into the ocean as the minigame starts.


The objective for each player is to knock all the others off the iceberg. The Lakitu floating above drops Buzzy Beetles onto the ice; bumping into them knocks players back, and their shells can also be kicked at other players to try to knock them off. The players can also jump on, punch, and kick their opponents to stun them temporarily. If a player falls off the iceberg, they are eliminated and swim to another iceberg. The last player remaining wins. If all four players fall off the iceberg, the last player to fall off wins the minigame. If five minutes pass before three players fall off, the remaining players win and split a majority of the coins in the pot.


The last player standing celebrates in front of three penguins on the iceberg while the other three players sulk on another iceberg farther away. If the last player standing falls into the water, they celebrate on the farther iceberg, next to the other three players that lost; their voice is harder to hear at that distance. If five minutes pass without three players falling off, the remaining players celebrate while the other players are on the distant iceberg.


  • Wii Remote: Hold sideways
  • Buttons
    • +Control Pad – Move
    • Two Button – Jump
    • One Button – Punch
    • Two Button One Button – Kick

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Be the last one standing on the ice platform! Kick and punch foes. You can also use Buzzy Beetles to attack."
  • Hint"Hop on a Buzzy Beetle to stun it. Then hop onto the critter to send it at a foe."

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つるつるアイランド
Tsurutsuru Airando
Slippery Island

French Dérapage de Glace
Pun on "dérapage" (skidding) and "Age de Glace" (Ice Age)
German Herrscher der Scholle
King of the Floe
Italian Ardente Disgelo
Burning and Thawing
Korean 미끌미끌 배틀
Mikkeulmikkeul Baeteul
Slippery Battle

Spanish Deshielo