Treacherous Tightrope

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This article is about a minigame from Mario Party 8. For the minigame from the first Mario Party with a similar name, see Tightrope Treachery.
Treacherous Tightrope
TreacherousTightrope 8.png
Appears in Mario Party 8
Type 4-player mini-game
Controls Wii Remote: Move forward
Use balancing pole
Buttons: None
Music An Unexpected Surprise

Treacherous Tightrope is a 4-Player minigame that is found in Mario Party 8.


The minigame sets in the deep canyon as the camera is inside the canyon. The camera moves closer to the players preparing to play the mini-game. The wind blows the tightrope and the players as they are losing the balance but regained it. When the camera is set on the players that appear on the screen, the minigame starts.


The players attempt to use the Wii Remote to balance the player while the players are walking across the tightrope to the end of the tightrope.

When the character is getting unbalanced, the player has to balance the Wiimote straight as possible before the character falls down into the canyon and loses the balancing poles. Additionally, the wind in the minigame can attempt to blow all the players on the tightrope down to the canyon if possible; this addition makes the minigame a little more challenging as the player attempt to survive from falling.

The first player reaches to the end of the tightrope will strike a winning pose as the remaining players fall down into the canyon.

The background shows just a canyon, the wind, and some rocks that hook the tightropes to hold for players to slowly walk on to balance.


The winner will jump off the tightrope and onto the rock at the finish while the losers automatically lose their balance and fall off. The winner then does his or her victory dance.

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Cross the tightrope! Use the balancing pole, especially when the wind blows."
  • Hint"Move forward only when the wind dies down. When it blows, stop walking and focus on keeping your balance!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Funambulista Tightrope Walker
French A l'Affût, Nambule Tightrope Walker on the Lookout
German Wackelpartie Balance Act
Italian Appesi a un Filo Hanging to a Wire