Mario Matrix

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Mario Matrix
Mario Matrix in Mario Party 8
Appears in Mario Party 8
Type 4-Player minigame
Time limit 20 seconds
Music track Feelin' Cyber
Music sample

Mario Matrix is a 4-Player minigame in Mario Party 8. The minigame's name is a reference to the 1999 science-fiction movie The Matrix, which, like this minigame, has the theme of a cybernetic world inside the computer; the green background of the minigame even resembles the green rain of codes from the movie.


The introduction to Mario Matrix

The four players are in some kind of lab and walk into four capsule-like containers, all connected to a computer. The players all get transported into the computer, where a large hexagon made of 35 smaller hexagons appears.


The players must click on as many illuminated hexagons as they can by pointing at the TV screen and pressing A Button or B Button on their Wii Remotes. The hexagons are illuminated for only a few seconds. The player(s) who click(s) on the most hexagons win(s). If nobody clicks on any hexagons, the minigame ends in a tie.


The end of Mario Matrix in Mario Party 8
Daisy, Waluigi, and Wario left in the computer

Winning players are transported back out through the capsule, performing a victory dance, while the losing players remain hovering on the computer screen. It is possible for no one to remain if everyone gets the same score. The other players do nothing (only in Free Play). If the minigame ends in a tie, the camera scrolls right to the computer screen and shows all four players hovering.


  • Wii Remote: Use the Pointer to move the cursor.
  • Buttons
    • A Button / B Button – Activate panel

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Use your cursor to touch as many lit-up panels as you can in 20 seconds."
  • Hint"Lit-up panels appear in a steady stream. Touch 'em as quickly as you can!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピカっとパネルタッチ
Pikatto panerutatchi
Dazzling Panel Touch

French (NOA) Mario Matrice
Mario Matrix
French (NOE) Matrice Pas Triste
Not Sad Matrix
German Mario-Matrix
Mario Matrix
Italian Mario Matrix
Korean 반짝반짝 패널 터치
Banjjak-banjjak Paeneol Teochi
Glowing Panel Touch

Spanish Matrio Matrix