Thrash 'n' Crash

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Thrash 'n' Crash
ThrashandCrash 8.png
Appears in Mario Party 8
Type 1-vs.-3 minigame
Time limit 30 seconds
Music All Messed Up

Thrash 'n' Crash is a 1-vs.-3 minigame in the game Mario Party 8.


The trio rides in on skateboards, while the solo player follows them in a hovercraft.


The trio rides skateboards down a lane and must turn the Wii Remote forward, backward, left, or right to move and avoid traps. The solo player, riding a flying vehicle behind the trio, activates traps by pointing at them on the screen and pressing A Button. The traps include tumbling barrels, Bullet Bills, and giant rolling wheels; walls and Whomps also act as obstacles. Players who run into traps and obstacles are eliminated.


If the group players win, they ride under a bridge that the solo player stops at and perform a small victory pose. If the solo player wins, they float past the gate, leaving the trio behind, and perform a victory pose.



  • Wii Remote
    • Use the Pointer to move the cursor.
  • Buttons
    • A Button / B Button – Activate trap


  • Wii Remote
    • Move ahead/back
    • Move left/right
  • Buttons
    • None

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Three players try to survive a booby-trapped skateboard course. The solo player shoots traps to activate 'em!"
  • Hint"Looking for booby traps? Watch your cursor's color! On the run? Teamwork tip: Stay separated!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スケボーでかけぬけろ
Sukebō de kakenukero
Run Through on a Skateboard
Spanish Circuito truncado Truncated circuit
French Pièges en Skate Skateboard Traps
German Skateboardjagd Skateboard Chase
Italian Skateboard -


  • If one of the veteran playable characters wins on the solo team, they will do one of their victory poses from Mario Party 7 instead of the new ones they got in this game. Blooper and Hammer Bro will do a different victory pose as opposed to their normal ones.