Rotation Station

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Rotation Station
Appears in Mario Party 8
Type Duel minigame
Initial record 1'30"00
Music It's on Now

Rotation Station is a Duel minigame in Mario Party 8. It is also featured in Test for the Best.


The camera faces upward, showing most of the castle-like obstacle course above, before panning downward to show a set of red doors, through which the first player enters. The first player runs to the center of the room before the screen splits to show both players and the minigame begins.


Two players go against each other to see who can climb up to the top of a castle first. They must climb floating blocks and moving platforms and "rotate" the screen to see where they are going; the players' view is often obscured by some platforms. Whoever lands on the finishing platform first is the winner. If five minutes pass, the minigame ends in a tie.


The winner stands on top of the course and does a victory pose, and then confetti pours down. If the minigame ends in a tie, the players do their losing poses.


  • Wii Remote
    • Move camera
  • Buttons

Test for the Best[edit]

This minigame appears in Test for the Best. The player plays alone in this minigame, and their objective is to climb to the finishing platform as fast as possible.

The times required to earn a certain point total are as follows:

Grade Points earned Required in minigame (America / Japan) Required in minigame (Europe / Australia)
A+ 1,000 35.00 40.00
A 900 45.00
B 800 55.00
C 700 1:05.00
D 600 1:15.00

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Be the first to climb to the top of the tower. Move the camera around to better see where you're going!"
  • Hint"Change the camera angle only when you need to! Definitely use it when you're running into a blind spot!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese のぼってブロック
Nobotte burokku
Climb the Blocks
Spanish Estación Rotación Literal translation
French Flexion, Rotation Inflection, Rotation
German Trickreiche Treppe Tricky Stairs
Italian Punti di Vista Points of View