Star Carnival Bowling

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Star Carnival Bowling
Star Carnival Bowling
Appears in Mario Party 8
Type Extras Zone minigame
Time limit 10 seconds per turn
Music track Challenge!
Music sample

Star Carnival Bowling is a one-to-four-player minigame found only in the Extras Zone in Mario Party 8. Players can use either characters from the Super Mario franchise or Miis from their Wii console. This minigame resembles the Bowling event in Wii Sports, except players bowl with the A Button button instead of the B Button button.


A closeup of the ten pins that are set up at the end of the player's bowling lane is shown. The camera then zooms backwards until it is behind the player, who is holding a bowling ball, ready to bowl. The minigame then begins.


Players must play either five or ten frames of bowling (they are able to choose the number of frames they want to bowl prior to starting the minigame) by swinging Wii Remote while holding A Button to throw the ball down the lane into the ten pins at the end. Just like in the actual game, players score points based on how many pins they are able to successfully knock down (up to 300 points). If they want to check out the current score, players can press B Button at any time before they continue on with their turns.


The camera pans from left to right across the scoring screen above the lane, showing players' final scores for the game. The winning player then faces the camera and does their victory pose (or losing pose if playing with two or more players).


  • Wii Remote
    • A Button – Hold to swing
  • Buttons
    • +Control Pad – Move left/right
    • A Button – Hold to swing
    • B Button – Score

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Up to four players can bowl. Hold A Button and swing Wii Remote to bowl."
  • Hint"If you release A Button too early, you will bowl a gutter ball. Make sure that you're wearing the wrist strap correctly."

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワイワイ!ボウリング
Waiwai! Bōringu
Noisy! Bowling

French Bowling de l'Étoile
Star Bowling
German Superstar Bowling
Italian Bowling
Korean 시끌벅적 볼링
Sikkeulbeogjeog Bolling
Noisy Bowling

Spanish Bolos Estelares
Stellar Bowling