Attention Grabber

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Attention Grabber
Attention Grabber from Mario Party 8
Appears in Mario Party 8
Type Duel minigame
Music track It's on Now
Music sample

Attention Grabber is a Duel minigame in Mario Party 8. Its name refers to something or someone that effectively draws attention to itself or oneself.


The camera is zoomed out on an island, and then it zooms in through the forest, onto the beach, where the first player is standing. The screen then divides up, and the game begins.


There is a ship in the distance, and the players are marooned on an island. The objective is to get the attention of the ship and make it come to shore faster than the other player. The player can wave their hands simply by waving the Wii Remote. The first player to get the ship to shore wins. If neither player gets the ship to shore within five minutes, the minigame ends in a tie.


The winner celebrates and swims towards the ship to get on board. If the minigame ends in a tie, both players do their losing animations.


  • Wii Remote: Wave for help
  • Buttons: None

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Get the rescue ship to the shore first by waving as wildly as you can!"
  • Hint"Fast, small hand movements work better than larger, broader ones."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese むじんとうでヘルプ
Mujin tō de Herupu
Unmanned and in Help
French Ohé, du Bateau Ship ahoy!
German Eigenwerbung Self Advertisement
Italian Fatti Notare Getting Noticed
Korean 무인도에서 SOS
Mu-indo-eseo SOS
SOS on a Deserted Island
Spanish Náufrago Shipwrecked