Frozen Assets

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Frozen Assets
Frozen Assets from Mario Party 8
Appears in Mario Party 8
Type Duel minigame
Music track All Messed Up
Music sample

Frozen Assets is a Duel minigame that is found in Mario Party 8. The term "frozen assets" originally refers to when someone is prevented from selling their property to make money.


The first player slides in a snow tunnel fast and pops out from it as the other player pops out from another snow tunnel on the other side. Both players are apparently in a snow cave with a large Freezie behind them. The Freezie moves up from the ground and then pounds it. As the place rumbles, the first set of icicles falls down into the ground, surprising the players. The minigame then begins.


The players attempt to find crystals by breaking the icicles that fall to the ground. To break an icicle, the players can punch, kick, or ground-pound it. Some icicles do not have anything at all. The status bars on the screen indicate how many crystals each player has found. After a variable amount of time, the Freezie rises and pounds the ground to drop more icicles as the place rumbles. Sometimes when the Freezie does this, no icicles fall at all. Players can also attack each other by simply punching or kicking. They can ground-pound to stun each other for a moment. Once a player is stunned, they temporarily have a block to any attacks for a while. The player who grabs five crystals first wins. If both players manage to grab five crystals or five minutes pass without either player grabbing five crystals, the minigame ends in a tie.


Wario is frozen in Frozen Assets from Mario Party 8
Toadette wins the minigame, while Wario is frozen in the giant icicle.

The winning player stands on the playfield while the Freezie lifts from the ground and pounds it. A bigger icicle containing the frozen losing player falls down hard into the ground. The winning player then does a winning pose. However, if the minigame ends in a tie, the players do their losing animations.


  • Wii Remote: Hold sideways
  • Buttons
    • +Control Pad – Move
    • Two ButtonJump
    • One Button – Punch
    • Two Button Two Button – Ground Pound
    • Two Button One Button – Kick

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Punch and kick icicles to get the gems inside. The first to collect 5 is the winner."
  • Hint"When the Freezie falls, the shock will cause many icicles to fall. Pounce on them!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みつけてジュエル
Mitsukete Jueru
Finding Jewels

French Gemme Glacée
Frozen Gem
German Juwelen im Eis
Jewels in the Ice
Italian Rompi il Ghiaccio
Break the Ice
Korean 보석을 찾아라!
Boseog-eul Chaj-ala!
Finding Jewels

Spanish Fondos congelados
Frozen Funds