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“I've spent long years of my life designing and constructing this place in order to document the history and culture of Prism Island...”
Card Connoisseur Toad, Paper Mario: Color Splash
Prisma Museum
The Prisma Museum lobby

The Prisma Museum is a hidden museum found in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Its entrance is located in the Action Command Dojo, and is run by the Card Connoisseur Toad. It is the equivalent to the Sticker Museum from Paper Mario: Sticker Star, as the Battle Cards that Mario obtains throughout the game can be donated to the museum and viewed later at any time. The museum is opened when Mario meets with the Card Connoisseur Toad at the dojo after receiving a letter from him at the post office.

The Prisma Museum is divided into five exhibits: the Basic Card exhibit, the Enemy Card exhibit, the Thing Card exhibit, the art gallery, and the sound gallery. Each exhibit is run by a pink Toad. In the card exhibits, Mario can speak to the Toad to make a donation, then view them using the interactive device in the center. By donating enough cards, Mario can unlock and view concept art for the game in the art gallery. In the sound gallery, the player can listen to music from the game, which are unlocked by receiving gold flags for stages. If Mario has any cards in his inventory that can be donated, a star above the door leading to the appropriate exhibit will light up.

The Prisma Museum accepts every Battle Card in the game (not counting the Huey Thing and Super Roshambo cards), making up a total of 60 Basic Cards, 72 Enemy Cards, and 27 Thing Cards. After the collection is complete, the chandelier in the lobby will light up, and Toads will visit the museum.

While Mario is in the Prisma Museum, he cannot swing the Paint Hammer.

Art gallery[edit]

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Each time Mario reaches a milestone in the number of Battle Cards donated to the museum, eight pieces of concept art are added to the gallery. There are a total of 40 art pieces.

Sound gallery[edit]

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For every stage Mario colors in all of the colorless spots and receives a gold flag, a record featuring music related to that stage is added to the sound gallery. In the cases of the Black Bowser's Castle and Special records, they are unlocked after beating the game and coloring every colorless spot in the game, respectively. There are a total of 33 records, and 142 songs.

Record Song Notes
Port Prisma Port Prisma Plays in Port Prisma.
Prisma Cardware Plays in Prisma Cardware, the card shop.
Prisma Museum Plays in Prisma Museum.
Prisma Postal Toad Plays in Prisma Postal Toad, the post office.
Sketchy Corner Plays in Port Prisma while the water wheel is deactivated.
Broken Down Town Plays when Mario, Princess Peach and Toad first arrive at the Prisma Fountain.
Toad in Trouble! Plays just after Mario and Princess Peach hears Toad's scream.
Straw of Doom Plays when the Slurp Guy sucks the color out of Toad.
Ruddy Road Ruddy Road Plays in Ruddy Road. Features notes from the Ground Theme from Super Mario Bros.
Fight! The main battle theme.
Prisma Café Plays near food stands run by Toads, such as Prisma Café. An arrangement of "Ruddy Road".
Circle Up, Shy Guys! Plays while the five Slurp Guys dance around a colorless spot.
Shy Vandals Plays when the Shy Guys roll up the terrain.
Rescue Toad Theme The Rescue Squad's theme. This is an arrangement of the theme used in Sticker Star when Decalburg is unrolled.
Thing: Fire Extinguisher Plays when using the Fire Extinguisher Thing.
Cherry Lake Cherry Lake Plays in Cherry Lake.
Cut Out the Cutout! Plays when using Huey's Cutout ability.
#1 Thing Squeezer Plays when squeezing Thing objects.
Power of the Chosen The Chosen Toads' theme.
Redpepper Volcano Redpepper Volcano Plays in Redpepper Volcano and Redpepper Crater.
Flame On, Draggadon! Plays when Draggadon chases after Mario.
Redpepper Crater Redpepper Spa Plays in the hot spring in Redpepper Crater.
Thing: Hair Dryer Plays when using the Hair Dryer Thing.
The Crimson Tower The Crimson Tower Plays in the Crimson Tower.
Bowser's Airship Aloft Plays on Bowser's airship. An arrangement of the airship theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Boss Incoming! Plays just before a boss battle with a Koopaling. An arrangement of "The Tension" from Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
ME WILL ROCK ME Morton's boss battle theme.
You Got the Paint Star! Plays after retrieving a Big Paint Star. An arrangement of the kings' theme from Super Mario Bros. 3, reused from Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
Paint Star Memories The Big Paint Stars' theme.
Thing: Cat-o-Luck Plays when using the Cat-o-Luck Thing.
Prism Samba Plays during the Toads' dance performance after retrieving the red Big Paint Star.
Indigo Underground Indigo Underground Plays in Indigo Underground. An arrangement of the underground theme from Super Mario Bros.
Straw of Doom (Reprise) Plays when Mario encounters the Shunned Guy.
Thing: Lemon Plays when using the Lemon Thing.
Thing: Plunger Plays when using the Plunger Thing.
Bloo Bay Beach Bloo Bay Beach Plays at Bloo Bay Beach.
Onstage at Oceanfest Plays during Oceanfest.
Toad Shuffle Plays as the Five Fun Guys shuffle around.
On Blissful Beach Plays while Mario and Huey relax on the lawn chairs.
Paper Pipeline Plays while the blue Chosen Toad surfs on the giant wave.
Thing: Fan Plays when using the Fan Thing. An arrangement of the same theme from Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
Dark Bloo Inn Dark Bloo Inn Plays in Dark Bloo Inn after the curse is lifted.
Eerie Hotel Plays in Dark Bloo Inn while it is haunted.
Paranormal Accommodations Plays while speaking to a Tea Party Toad.
Toadally Spooky Plays after the Tea Party Toads drink the tea from the Teapot Thing.
Cobalt Base Snifit or Whiffit Theme Snifit or Whiffit: Seabed Edition's main theme. An arrangement of "Snifit or Whiffit" from Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
Your Answers, Please! Plays while the player selects an answer. An arrangement of the slot minigame theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Look Sharp! Plays during a game round. An arrangement of the Snifit or Whiffit intermission theme from Sticker Star.
Thing: Instant Camera Plays when using the Instant Camera Thing.
Fort Cobalt Fort Cobalt Plays in Fort Cobalt.
Shy Guy Squad Plays when the Shy Guy squad stacks up.
Super Ludship Plays when Ludwig first appears in his Super Ludship.
Battle with Ludwig Ludwig's boss battle theme.
Prism Waltz Plays during the Toads' dance performance after retrieving the blue Big Paint Star.
Daffodil Peak Daffodil Peak Plays in Daffodil Peak.
The Ranger's Cabin Plays in the Daffodil Peak park ranger's cabin after restoring its color. An arrangement of the Toad House theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Spinning-Door Game Plays during a Spinning-Door minigame. An arrangement of the "Ground Theme" from Super Mario Bros. 2.
Sunglow Ridge Sunglow Ridge Plays in Sunglow Ridge.
Unfurl Power Plays after hitting an Unfurl Block.
Château Chanterelle Château Chanterelle Plays in Château Chanterelle.
Thing: Piggy Bank Plays when using the Piggy Bank Thing.
Mustard Café Hole in the Sand Plays in the first area of Mustard Café.
Snifit Hideout Plays throughout the underground portion of Mustard Café. An arrangement of the underground theme from Super Mario Bros.
Attack of the Pokeys Plays as the Pokeys chase after Mario in the quicksand pit.
The Golden Coliseum The Golden Coliseum Plays in the Golden Coliseum.
Super Smashle Royale Plays when the enemies attack Mario at the arena.
Iggy Battle Iggy's boss battle theme.
Thing: Ice Pick Plays when using the Ice Pick Thing.
Thing: Bottle Opener Plays when using the Bottle Opener Thing.
Prisma Prance Trance Plays during the Toads' dance performance after retrieving the yellow Big Paint Star.
Marmalade Valley Marmalade Valley Plays in Marmalade Valley, when Mario first visits Toad Trainworks, and at the Sunset Express station.
Li'l Princess, Big Bark Plays in instances where Princess appears. An arrangement of the Chain Chomp theme from Sticker Star.
Kiwano Temple Kiwano Temple Plays in Kiwano Temple.
Magma Flows, Lava Glows Plays during the lava segment.
A Fearsome Foe The mini-boss battle theme.
Toad Trainworks Toad Trainworks Plays in Toad Trainworks.
Crane Game Plays while operating the crane. An 8-bit rendition of the Toad Trainworks theme.
Fanfare of Revival Plays after fully reconstructing the Sunset Express engine.
Tangerino Grill Tangerino Grill Plays in Tangerino Grill.
Kitchen Stadium Plays before and after the cooking minigames.
Cooking With Mario Plays during the cooking minigames.
Thing: Magnifying Glass Plays when using the Magnifying Glass Thing.
Sunset Express Sunset Express Plays in Sunset Express.
The Wandering Sombrero Plays near a Sombrero Guy.
Larry's Runaway Train Larry's boss battle theme.
This Here's Paint Country Plays during the Toads' dance performance after retrieving the orange Big Paint Star.
Plum Park Plum Park Plays in Plum Park after the poison has gone.
Poisonous Plum Park Plays in Plum Park while it is poisoned.
Careless in Love Plays during the introduction to Birdo's musical performance.
Soul Rumblings Plays during Birdo's musical performance. An arrangement of "Swinging Swing" from Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
Thing: Teapot Plays when using the Teapot Thing.
Violet Passage Violet Passage Plays on the ship as it sails through Violet Passage.
Get the Boat Back Plays at the Violet Passage harbor while the ship is hijacked.
To the Open Sea! Plays as the ship begins to sail off.
Sailor's Song Plays during the ship-sailing cutscene.
Thing: Battery Plays when using the Battery Thing.
Thing: Compass Plays when using the Compass Thing. An arrangement of the first few notes of the Super Mario Bros. theme.
Vortex Island Island in Violet Plays in Vortex Island and Lighthouse Island.
Island in Violet (Parallel) Plays in the parallel worlds of Vortex Island and Lighthouse Island.
Fight! (Parallel Mix) The battle theme used in the parallel worlds.
Lighthouse Island Fortune Island, Ahoy! Plays as Fortune Island appears on the world map.
Lighthouse Disco Plays just after restoring light to the lighthouse.
Fortune Island Fortune Island Plays in Fortune Island. An arrangement of "Sailor's Song".
Fortune Island (Parallel) Plays in the parallel world of Fortune Island.
Rumble with Wendy Wendy's boss battle theme.
Thing: Salt and Pepper Plays when using the Salt and Pepper Thing.
Thing: Charcoal Grill Plays when using the Charcoal Grill Thing.
Prismatic Rhapsody Plays during the Toads' dance performance after retrieving the violet Big Paint Star.
Mondo Woods Unremarkable Forest Plays at the entrances to Mondo Woods, Sacred Forest, Green Energy Plant and Emerald Circus.
Mondo Woods Plays in Mondo Woods.
Kamek's Theme Plays when meeting Kamek. An arrangement of "The Blue Wizard" from Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
The Happy Professor Plays after cheering up Prof. Kinopio.
Sacred Forest A Forest So Sacred Plays in Sacred Forest.
Goomba 5-Stack Jam Plays when the Small Goomba Wheels attack Mario. An arrangement of "Unstoppable Fury" from Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
Kickin' the Invincible The Super Star theme.
Thing: Turnip Plays when using the Turnip Thing.
Green Energy Plant Fight! (Pixel Mix) The battle theme used in the Super Mario Bros. 3-themed level.
Thing: Claw Hammer Plays when using the Claw Hammer Thing.
Thing: Recorder Plays when using the Recorder Thing. An arrangement of the Recorder and Warp Zone themes from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Mossrock Theater Mossrock Theater Plays in Mossrock Theater
The Juggler (Piano) Plays during the Juggler Bro and Circus Bro performances.
The Juggler Plays during the battle with the Juggler Bros and Circus Bros.
Emerald Circus Emerald Circus Plays in the Emerald Circus.
Lemmy's Grand Finale Lemmy's boss battle theme.
Thing: Disco Ball Plays when using the Disco Ball Thing.
Paint the Dance Floor Plays during the Toads' dance performance after retrieving the green Big Paint Star.
Black Bowser's Castle Black Bowser's Castle Plays in Black Bowser's Castle.
Rainbow Road Plays as Luigi first drives Mario up to Black Bowser's Castle. An arrangement of the Rainbow Road theme from Mario Kart 64.
ROYal Rumble Roy's boss battle theme.
Bowser's Theme Plays during Bowser's introduction and on-screen appearances. An arrangement of "The Giant Arises" from Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
Bowser Battle Plays during the first phase of the battle with Bowser.
Blackout Plays during the second phase of the battle with Bowser.
Farewell Plays when Huey sacrifices himself to destroy Black Bowser's Castle.
Peace Once More Plays during the ending cutscene. An arrangement of the "Ending" theme from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.
Special Main Theme The title theme.
Main Theme (Ragtime) Plays in the instruction manual for the game.
White Letter Opening Plays during the opening cutscene.
Roshambo Temple Plays at the entrances to the Roshambo Temples.
Overworld A medley of all seven world map theme variations.
Shy Bandit's Theme The Shy Bandit's battle theme.
Piper's Medley Plays as the Toads recall memories with Piper.
Prisma Splash! Plays during the staff credits.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イロドリ博物館
Irodori Hakubutsukan
Coloration Museum
French (NOE) Musée de Port-Barbouille Port Prisma Museum
Italian Museo Prisma Prisma Museum

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