Prisma Postal Toad

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Prisma Postal Toad
The interior of Prisma Postal Toad

Prisma Postal Toad is a location in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is a building in the blue district of Port Prisma. Here, Mario can get mail from various characters, such as Luigi. When a new letter arrives, a blue notification appears on Port Prisma on the world map.


Fire Flower Training![edit]

Yo, Mario!
Action Toad here! I just learned how to do Fire Flower Action Commands. You wanna come over and practice with me? I'll be waiting in my dojo in the yellow district in Port Prisma! Hurry up. I've got cheese puffs!
- Action Toad

From Ruddy Road Café[edit]

Hello, Mario.
It's the owner of Ruddy Road Café. I've got a lot of free time on my hands because absolutely no customers are coming, as usual. Come and hang out sometime, OK?
Your friend, Barista Toad

Thank You[edit]

Hello, Mario.
Thanks to you we were finally able to have our long-awaited tea party at the hotel. With that completed, we're going to ascend to a higher plane of existence now.
Eternally yours, The Tea Party Toads

I Ain't Done Yet![edit]

Dear Mario,
This is the foreman from Toad Trainworks. As you know, I was gonna retire after repairing that train engine. The thing is, I fixed it up so good, the Toads upstairs decided to keep the Sunset Express on the tracks! Which got me thinking—maybe now's not the time for me to retire. If that old hunk of junk can stay on the tracks, so can I! And so can you, Mario. Never give up.
- The Foreman

A Modest Request[edit]

This is the chef from the Tangerino Grill. Thanks for your masterful cooking the other day. Did you notice that huge block of ice in our freezer? It's taking up so much freezer space, and I'm sick of having it around. I hear there's a...Thing in Redpepper Crater than can melt ice. Could you bring it here? You're not busy, right?
XOXO, The Tangerino Grill Chef

Purple Flower Teapot[edit]

Master Mario.
This is the Dark Bloo Inn. We understand you found our purple floral teapot. The manager here has thrown his back out apologizing to the patrons awaiting their tea party. It would be lovely if you could bring the teapot you found back to our hotel as soon as possible.
- The Dark Bloo Inn

Holo-Peach PR-M1[edit]

I've been kidnapped by Bowser! And...he seems different somehow. I mean besides all of the black paint, obviously. Anyway, it doesn't seem he intends to harm me, but I'd still appreciate it if you could rescue me ASAP! I'm not quite sure where this airship is headed yet, but I'll send you another Holo-Peach once I find out.
- Peach

Holo-Peach PR-M2[edit]

Dear Mario,
I witnessed something terrible from the airship where I'm being held. Some horrendous black...thing was dropped on Sunglow Ridge. It painted everything black in an instant! Bowser just watched and laughed, seemingly pleased with himself. He must have given the order! Why haven't you rescued me yet?!

Holo-Peach PR-M3[edit]

My Dear Mario,
It seems like the airship will be arriving...somewhere soon. But all I see when I look around is an endless sea of clouds. We must be incredibly high up in the sky. Wait... What?! The ship is going inside something now... But we're so high up! What is this place...?

Holo-Peach PR-M4[edit]

I want to tell you what I've seen. I was taken off the ship and led down a long hallway. There's no doubt about it—I'm inside Bowser's Castle! But, I don't really understand how that's possible, or where the castle is located. We seem to be surrounded by fog...or clouds? Regardless, I am unharmed. You may consider this Holo-Peach proof of life. I've no doubt that you'll rescue me, Mario. Please, hurry!
Love, Peach

Holo-Peach PR-M5[edit]

I've discovered that Bowser himself mailed us that colorless Toad just to lure me into his clutches! The black paint he's covered in has given him tremendous power, and he's using that newfound power to feed his ambitions. He kidnapped me just to demonstrate his power, and he's not done yet. Mario, he's planning something. Something absolutely terrifying...

Holo-Peach PR-M6[edit]

My Dearest Mario,
I know why Bowser is collecting paint from all over Prism Island! He wants to show the entire world the power of black paint! You wouldn't believe the wild look in his eye when he goes on about it... sometimes for hours. I know Bowser has done a lot of bad things over the years, but the black paint has turned him into a different beast entirely. It's like he's possessed. I really think he's going to do something terrible. Mario, please hurry to Bowser's Castle! If we don't stop him soon, I fear the worst...for us all.

Holo-Peach PR-M7[edit]

Mario, I figured out what Bowser's plan is! He's going to—...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Luigi's First Letter[edit]

Heya, Big Bro!
It's-a me, Luigi. You know—your brother, Luigi. With the green hat? Have you visited the "Wringer" yet? He just opened shop in the Port Prisma harbor district. He's a bit of a shady guy, but very-a helpful!

Luigi's Second Letter[edit]

Heya, Big Bro!
It's-a Luigi again. You know—your brother with the L on his hat? You ever read-a the explanations on-a your Thing cards? I know you're not-a the type to read directions, but you might-a find a hint about when to use them!

Luigi's Third Letter[edit]

Heya, Big Bro!
It's-a me, Luigi. Remember? We grew up together? I just wanted to warn you. Beware of a black Shy Guy in a red mask. He's-a serious trouble! He's called the Shy Bandit, and he slurps the color out of places where the color's already been restored. If you do happen to run into him, try to put a stop to him before he slurps up too much paint!

Luigi's Fourth Letter[edit]

Heya, Big Bro!
It's-a me, Luigi! You know—your brother with the mustache? Have you noticed enemies muttering to themselves during battle at all? Well, sometimes they might be muttering about their insecurities and stuff. Things they're weak against, ya know? Trust me—I know a little something about insecurities! Hope you're thinking about me!

Luigi's Fifth Letter[edit]

Heya, Big Bro!
It's-a Luigi again! The green plumber guy? Have you heard of this Roshambo legend called the Rock Paper Wizard? I heard a rumor that if you beat him, you'll win a super-rare card. I'd like to see it, so try to win it if you can!

Luigi's Sixth Letter[edit]

Heya, Big Bro!
It's-a your brother, Luigi. Tall guy with the green hat? Have you ever seen a door with spinning panels? Well, once you've been through a door, it gains an extra color. Not red, blue, or yellow like the standard colors, but a rainbow one! Maybe you should-a check it out, eh?

Luigi's Seventh Letter[edit]

Heya, Big Bro!
It's-a me again, Luigi! I'm-a hiding, Bro! Have you found me yet? Remember when we used to play hide-and-seek as kids? I've been hiding in five spots, not including the lab. They're all places that you've come and adventured in so far. Come and find me!

The King Appears![edit]

The legendary king of Roshambo has appeared to defend his throne! Defeat him to claim a special card. He awaits you at Roshambo Temple #1!

Long Live the King![edit]

First of all, we wanted to thank you for the great fights. We've never faced an opponent as fierce as you. We may be out of the game, but we're happy to know that a new king of Roshambo reigns supreme. The Roshambo world will look to you now for guidance. Treat it well. And long live the king!
- The Rock Paper Wizards

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Ufficio postale
Post office