Daffodil Peak park ranger

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Daffodil Peak park ranger
Daffodil Peak
The park ranger sitting solemnly in his cabin.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“Welcome to Daffodil Peak, former home of the Mountain Sage who ruined my life!”
Daffodil Peak park ranger, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Daffodil Peak park ranger is a character in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He is a Toad self-employed as the park ranger of Daffodil Peak. He resides in a luxurious cabin through a gate to the right of the mountain base, normally pleasant but overcome with depression due to his home being invaded and drained of its color. After Mario repaints his home, he receives a Mountain Climbing Permit. Later on, when the gatekeeper is revealed to be the Mountain Sage, the park ranger is essentially demoted to gatekeeper, blaming this on the sage.


Before Mario and Huey are allowed to hike up Daffodil Peak, they must speak to the gatekeeper, who tells them they will need a climbing permit, which they can buy from the park ranger. He opens up the gate to the ranger's cabin, allowing them to enter. They find the ranger in a depressed state. He asks if they need a climbing permit but does not give them one, saying he is no mood to do so. According to him, Slurp Guys broke into his cabin and drained color in several spots. Mario must use his Paint Hammer to fix all of the colorless spots in this area to cheer him up.

Once Mario has restored its color, the cabin lights up. The ranger, quite satisfied by this, gives Mario a Mountain Climbing Permit free of charge. They are then able to present this pass to the gatekeeper and start scaling the mountain.

After coming to the conclusion that the Mountain Sage is a fraud, Huey demands they return and speak to the gatekeeper. He refers them to his manager, the park ranger, who he claims brought him down after finding him stranded on the summit. As they talk of the ranger lying to them, he suddenly rushes toward them, begging them not to let the word out, believing it would ruin his business. He insists he has seen the sage and defends the cardboard cutout in place of it. They agree to keep quiet and to try to find the sage. This is quickly and easily resolved when Mario brings the gatekeeper's memory back, where it is revealed that the gatekeeper is the Mountain Sage himself. After his abrupt departure, the park ranger is left to fulfill the role of a gatekeeper. If Mario speaks to him after this, he sarcastically thanks the sage for demoting him, believing it has ruined his life.