Minh T.

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MinhT PM.png
“I can imagine all those flowers! So colorful and happy, turning their faces to the Sun. Mario, you saved them! Flower Power! You're a true hero! ♡”
Minh T., Paper Mario

Minh T. is a cheery, flower-loving Toad who gardens by the post office in Toad Town in Paper Mario. Her name is a pun on the word "minty." It is said she has a green thumb. Her garden has an archway in the middle that acts as the door to Flower Fields. She'll relay information about the four Magical Seeds needed to activate the doorway, which Mario must gather from the Bub-ulbs. Mario must engage in conversation with her at least twice in the game.

Wise Wisterwood sends Minh T. a thank-you letter, which is found in the northeastern area of Flower Fields; delivering this letter with Parakarry rewards Mario with a Star Piece.


  • "She takes care of flowers. Her name is Minh T. Nobody can match her skill at growing flowers. She must have a green thumb. Flowers feel Minh T.'s love and show it in their blooms."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リップ
Lip, shared with the protagonist of Panel de Pon. Both characters are associated with flowers, and both games were developed by Intelligent Systems.

Chinese (simplified) 莉波
Transliteration from her Japanese name

French Erein T
From "éreinté", very tired
German Minz T.
Spanish T. Minh
From the English name