Smooch (Paper Mario)

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Misstar using Smooch on Mario

Smooch is a special move in the game Paper Mario.

After Misstar is freed from the Lava Piranha, she upgrades Mario's Star Power gauge and teaches him a new move called Smooch. When Mario uses Smooch in battle, Misstar will give him a kiss that restores twenty HP. A very useful but expensive move, as it requires three SP to use, making it the most pricey move of its kind in the game.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おねえさんのキス[1]
Onēsan no Kisu
Sister's Kiss
French Smack -
German Kraftkuss Power Kiss
Chinese 爱心激励[2]
Àixīn Jīlì
Motivation from love


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