Flower Spirit

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Flower Spirit
Wise Wisterwood's Letter from Paper Mario.
A letter showing Posie, Rosie, Petunia, and Lily
First appearance Paper Mario
Notable members
Bubble Plant
“Flower Spirits... I bet their souls are as beautiful as the prettiest flowers...”
Luigi's Diary, Paper Mario

The Flower Spirits (also formatted as flower spirits) are a race of giant sapient flowers in Paper Mario. They and Bub-ulbs are the primary friendly species of Flower Fields. Unlike Bub-ulbs, they are immobile due to being rooted in place. Nine Flower Spirits appear in the game, and each one is unique. The main ones are the seed-obsessed Petunia, the refined Posie, the delicate and aquatic Lily, and the vain Rosie. The others are the shifty, dishonest Tolielip, the Bubble Plant, and the three unnamed gate guards. Of all of them, only the Tolielip is optional to interact with.