Jump Attack

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This article is about the minigame in Paper Mario. For the midair form of Wario's signature move also called Jump Attack, see Dash Attack.
Mario and Parakarry playing Jump Attack.
Mario and Parakarry playing Jump Attack

Jump Attack is a minigame that can be accessed from the Playroom in Toad Town from the game Paper Mario. The Silver Credit must be obtained first from Koopa Koot in Koopa Village to unlock this minigame.

The player pays 10 coins and chooses from the 5-Block Option, 7-Block Option, and the 9-Block Option, which determines how many of the 11 blocks they must hit. The blocks contain coins and multipliers which add up to a total prize given after the chosen number of blocks are hit, but also contain Bowsers which will immediately end the game and forfeit all accumulated prizes. The blocks are randomly shuffled each game, so the player must guess correctly to avoid the Bowsers and keep the coins they find. Because of the high risk of the 9-Block Option, the player is given twice the number of coins if they succeed.

While the order is random, the amounts of panels are the same for every game: four 1-coin Panels, three 5-coin Panels, two 5-Times Panels, and two Bowser Panels. The highest total for any of the three games can be achieved by finding the two multipliers last (since they only apply to the current total), and also finding all three 5-coins.

Game Possible rewards Expected rewards Odds of winning
5-Block Option 3 - 375 coins 11.93 coins 1 in 3.67 (3 in 11)
7-Block Option 9 - 425 coins 11.05 coins 1 in 9.167 (6 in 55)
9-Block Option 38 - 950 coins 7.14 coins 1 in 55


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パネルでゴー
Paneru de Gō
Panel Go!

Chinese (simplified) 顶砖块[1]
Dǐng Zhuānkuài
Hit Bricks