Jump Attack

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This article is about the minigame in Paper Mario. For the midair form of Wario's signature move also called Jump Attack, see Dash Attack.
Mario and Parakarry playing Jump Attack

Jump Attack is a minigame that can be accessed from the Playroom in Toad Town from the game Paper Mario. The Silver Credit must be obtained first from Koopa Koot in Koopa Village to unlock this minigame. In it, the player will have to hit a set number of Brick Blocks that appear. There are three options to choose from: 5-Block Option, 7-Block Option, and the 9-Block Option. Depending on the Option the player chooses, they will have to hit that number out of the eleven blocks, and will get coins if they succeed. Certain panels appear when a block is hit. There are 1-Coin Panels, 5-Coin Panels, 5-Times Panels, and Bowser Panels. The 1-Coin Panels will give the player one coin to the total number of coins the player has accumulated in the minigame. The 5-Coin Panels will give the player five coins to their total coin count. The 5-Times Panel will multiply the total count by five and the Bowser Panels will give the player a Game Over, and will reset the count to zero, making the player lose all the coins they had earned. It is not known how many of a certain panel is in each block. The player can only hope that he or she does not uncover the Bowser Panels. The minigame costs 10 coins to play. Also, if the player successfully manages to clear the 9-Block Option, their total coins will be doubled.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パネルでゴー
Paneru de Gō
Panel Go!