Puff Puff Machine

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The Puff Puff Machine from Paper Mario
“Let's go!! C'mon! We need more clouds! I wanna see this land covered! We'll make them fear the power of my Puff Puff Machine!”
Yellow Magikoopa, Paper Mario

The Puff Puff Machine is a machine that creates clouds and appears in the game Paper Mario. It is used by Huff N. Puff and his followers to cover Flower Fields in clouds and put the Sun out of commission. Mario and his party members destroy it after defeating the three Lakitus and a Yellow Magikoopa maintaining it. The Puff Puff Machine's destruction allows Mario and his allies to grow a beanstalk to gain entry to Cloudy Climb, an area where Huff N. Puff resides. The Puff Puff Machine is at the end of the northeast path in Flower Fields. It can be destroyed with a few strikes from the Hammer or Bombette's Bomb attack on each side.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クモクモマシーン[1]
Kumokumo Mashīn
Cloud Machine

Chinese 布云机[2]
Cloud-spreading machine

French Machine à nuages
Cloud Machine


  • Before Mario destroys the machine, he can talk to the enemies. However, the third enemy Mario talks to will recognize him and initiate a fight.


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