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Species Flower Spirit
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
“Whatever you do, don't throw a Blue Berry into the well! ...Hey guy! By the way, do you even know what my name is? They call me Tolielip. I personally think it's kind of a rude name. I mean, I never lie! Never! ...Heh heh heh, ha ha ha!! Wah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Baaaaah ha ha ha ha!!”
Tolielip, Paper Mario

Tolielip is a goofy-looking narcissus in Paper Mario that lives in Flower Fields. Present near the edge of the central hub, he gives Mario opposite hints about his objectives. His name is a combination of the words "to lie", and "tulip." The "lip" part of his name could also refer to his incessant talking. Goombario's tattle identifies "Tolielip" as a species instead of an individual.


  • "It's a Tolielip. He definitely knows a lot about Flower Fields. Unfortunately, he's a liar. You can figure out his riddles, can't you, Mario?"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウソツキ草
Usotsuki Kusa
Fibber Grass
Chinese (Simplified) 谎言草[1]
Huǎngyán cǎo
Lie grass
German Tulippe
Italian Tolielip -


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