Mr. Hammer

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Mr. Hammer is a Hammer Bro who runs the 64th Trivia Quiz-Off on Princess Peach's abducted castle in Paper Mario. When he and his two friends, two Koopatrols named Spiky Tom and Spiky John, are about to start the game, Princess Peach walks in. As they are one player short, they let her play. Mr. Hammer gives out Sneaky Parasols as prizes for entering and Jammin' Jelly as the first prize.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミスター・ハンマー
Misutā Hanmā
Mister Hammer
French M. Marteau Mr. Hammer
Chinese 锤子先生[1]
Chuízi Xiānsheng
Mr. Hammer