Ojīsan and Obāsan

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Princess Peach with her parents Obāsan (left) and Ojīsan (right)

Ojīsan and Obāsan (Japanese for "Grandpa and Grandma", or terms for old men and women, respectively) are two elderly Hammer Brothers from the Amada Anime Series: Super Mario Bros. adaptation of Momotarō. They are the parents of Princess Peach, and the adoptive "parents" of Mario. They resemble normal Hammer Brothers, except Ojīsan has a small white beard and a mustache while Obāsan wears a pair of glasses. They live near a large mountain in a simple house located on top of an island floating in space.

Mario is born before his future adoptive parents

Ojīsan and Obāsan lived a happy and peaceful life with their beautiful daughter Princess Peach, that is until the fateful day King Koopa and his Koopalings arrived on their island. Koopa was instantly smitten with the beautiful Princess, and thus decided to kidnap her. Her parents pleaded with Koopa to let her stay but to no avail, and she was taken away to his island of dark spires and skyscrapers. Ojīsan and Obāsan are left lonely and disheartened over the loss of their daughter, but then one night while watching the stars and thinking of Peach, a shooting star falls to earth right in front of the couple. It turns out to be a giant peach that had fallen from the heavens, and it then splits in half to reveal a young boy inside. The two Hammer Brothers decided to adopt the baby, naming him Mario and raising him as if he were their own.

A young Mario riding on Ojīsan's back as Obāsan watches

Their little peach boy Mario rapidly turns into a young man. One day, after hearing the story of how Peach was kidnapped, Mario decided to save her from Koopa's island. Although initially reluctant, Ojīsan and Obāsan eventually agreed to let Mario go on his journey. Obāsan packs him his favorite meal of Mushrooms, while Ojīsan arms Mario with a gun passed down through the family for generations. Ojīsan also tells a Spike about Mario's quest, who then hurries after the Hammer Brothers' son and join the cause. Ultimately, Mario was able to defeat and imprison Koopa and his Koopalings, save Princess Peach and then return home to their Ojīsan and Obāsan.