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A list of implied species that have not physically appeared in any form of media up to this point in time. Regardless of their lack of appearances, the implied species have been mentioned at least once throughout the Super Mario franchise.

Ancient Stickerish[edit]

The Ancient Stickerish people are mentioned in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. In the Enigmansion, one text on a bookshelf reads "PAPERABBLESTICKEROBBLE DERRSTICKER STICKARONISTICK PAPERDAPERDOOPER STICKITYSTICKITYSTICKITY PAPEROOSKI PAPERDOODLE STICKERPAPERRAWK." Kersti claims to have not studied Ancient Stickerish since high school, and flunked her Ancient Stickerish class. However, she manages to translate it as "an ancient prophecy that fell from the Sticker Comet" that reads "The five lights...then the truth shall be revealed!"

Business Bro[edit]

Business Bros. are a type of Hammer Bro whose existence is only implied in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The only known Business Bro is Hamma Jamma's father.

As Hamma Jamma tells Mario, dropping out of Hammer Bros. school to go to Business Bros. school (as his father did) is a responsible (yet, according to him, lame) act.


The Luffs once made up a great kingdom. Their tale is told in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and, although they are never seen, they are integral to the deeper parts of Luigi's Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door adventure.

The Luffs were responsible for the forging of the Marvelous Compass, and they used its powers to take over the majority of the world. However, since the Luffs misused it, the compass cursed them, destroying their empire. Hoping that this would not happen to other kingdoms, a Luff boy named Cranberry broke the Marvelous Compass into seven parts, hiding six and keeping one with him in Rapturous Ruins. After a thousand years of sleep, Cranberry would become the last of the Luffs, and even he disappeared when awoken by Luigi, who intended to rebuild the Marvelous Compass.

The Luffs' part in Luigi's story was not yet over, however. After making it to Hatesong Tower, Luigi would soon hear the true intention of Minister Crepe: He had apparently always been planning to usurp the Marvelous Compass from Luigi's hands and reestablish the Luff Kingdom as his own. Luigi would not comply, and Crepe was soon defeated.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロルチ
Possibly from「ロール·パン」(rōru-pan, bread roll) and possibly the diminutive suffix「ち」(-chi)
Italian Loruci From Japanese
Spanish Lolichi From Japanese name and maybe "lichi" (lychee)


The Recordomeows are implied creatures seemingly found in Fort Francis. They are only mentioned in Chapters 3-1 and 3-4 of Super Paper Mario. They apparently record Francis's TV shows while he is away.


Soakits are a variant of Snifits. In the hot springs of Redpepper Crater in Paper Mario: Color Splash, two Snifits say that they are "converting to Soakits" instead of being Snifits.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOA) Maskrachat From "Maskrache" (Snifit)
Spanish (NOA) Mojiti A pun on "Olfiti" (Snifit) and "mojar" (to get wet)

Soybean civilization[edit]

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The Vegebrodies are a species mentioned in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They fought Muscle Lord Biceptius for unknown reasons.