Fort Francis

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Fort Francis
SPM Fort Francis.png
Level code 3-4
Game Super Paper Mario
Boss Francis
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Fort Francis is the setting of Chapter 3-4 in Super Paper Mario. It is found in The Bitlands and is the home of Francis, a chameleon obsessed with gaming technology. The castle is also staffed with various Meowmaids, robots that serve Francis and guard the castle from outsiders. Mario, Princess Peach, and Bowser visit the castle after Francis kidnaps Tippi while also attempting to find a Pure Heart.

Chapter 3-4: The Battle of Fort Francis[edit]

Storyline text

Mario, Peach, and Bowser had scaled the tree and defeated Dimentio.

The exhausted heroes were relieved to finally see the ivory towers of Fort Francis.

Was Tippi safe? Was the next Pure Heart really waiting for them ahead?

The only answers were the strange voices carried on the wind from inside the fort...

SurpriseMeow attacking.
Francis' computer room.

The level begins outside the fort, which is locked. The key is found by hitting a switch in an underground room accessed via pipe in 3-D. The entrance of the fort contains a Save Block and a Meowmaid, as well as the door to main room. Behind the door is a pipe leading to the dungeon.

In the main room, Mario and co. find several Meowmaids (who mistake the player for Francis) and a large double-door with two locks. They can look through the keyholes to see Francis taking pictures of Tippi, who is caged. The room after the main one is apparently a library, though the books have been removed so as not to clog passages. The shelves can be climbed in 3-D to reach a door, which is guarded by a SurpriseMeow. The next room has some PatrolMeows and two doors hanging on the ceiling, which can be knocked down by ground pounding underneath them with Thudley.

The right door contains several spikes that cannot be crossed initially. The door on the other side leads to a SecuriMeow, guarding Francis' room. The left door leads to room with more climbable shelves, followed by an outdoor area with several AirMeows, which are used to hit a floating blue switch, which in turn creates a bridge to reach a door. Through the door is a SecuriMeow, guarding the door to Francis' lair. It asks several questions about things that interest Francis, such as comic books and video games, the answers to all of which is "true". It then asks for a code. If an incorrect code is given, the player is dropped first into a room containing a Chain Chomp and a button requiring the weight of the player and a block. The button reveals a pipe leading to the dungeon.

The dungeon contains many PatrolMeows. There is a sign giving the codes to the two SecuriMeows (2323 for the right room, 2828 for the left). The Pixl Carrie is imprisoned here, but freed by the player. Her ability allows the player to cross spikes and access the right room.

In Francis' room and lair, the keys to the room where Tippi is being kept, but the door prevents anyone who is not an attractive female from entering; if Mario or Bowser attempt to open the door, it attacks them with laser beams. If Princess Peach attempts to enter the room, the door quizzes her on various nerdy topics to discern if she is romantically compatible with Francis (every question involves a simple true-false answer, with the answer always being true). Once Peach enters the room, she angrily confronts Francis. Francis immediately freaks out about the woman in his room and boots up Swoon.exe, an interface that lets him interact with Peach while emulating a dating sim. Francis then attempts to woo her as if she was a character in a dating sim, and Peach's responses (as chosen by the player) vary from inviting to irritated.

Regardless of the outcome, Peach eventually becomes annoyed with her responses and the whole "date", and blows up the entire interface with Boomer. Francis is distraught by the loss of Swoon.exe, but quickly realizes that Peach came to rescue Tippi (whom he calls Francine). He vows to protect Tippi from who he perceives to be an intruder, and a boss fight ensues. Francis attacks by using his camera flash to stun the player and summoning Meowbombs to blow up the player, or grabbing the player with his tongue, making the player go inside of him, and he also turns invisible to hide himself. He can only be attacked when he is visible. Once he is defeated, he gives up and runs away, and Tippi is rescued. Tippi becomes so happy that a Pure Heart suddenly appears. The group takes the Pure Heart for themselves, ending the chapter.

Once the player defeats the final boss of Super Paper Mario, they are able to return to Fort Francis. At the same room where they fought Francis, he offers to sell them Tiptron, a robotic replacement Pixl for Tippi. Francis sells Tiptron for 999 coins, the largest amount of coins that can possibly be held at once.

Francis' room.

Storyline text

The fourth Pure Heart appeared in a dazzling flash of mysterious light.

What made it appear? The group was puzzled by this and many other riddles.

“...So you’re not hurt?” asked Tippi, full of concern.

Somehow, Tippi seemed different than before. She had started to change.

Mario simply shook his head and started the long journey back to Flipside...


Menu description[edit]

  • "Francis designed this fortress as the ultimate geek lair. Good thing you met Carrie the Pixl here to help us out. Has Francis learned to make offline friends yet?"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カメレゴン城
Kameregon Jō
Francis's Castle
French Fort Francis
German Fort Konrad Fort Francis
Italian Forte Gino Fort Francis
Spanish Fuerte Francis Fort Francis
The Battle of Fort Francis
Language Name Meaning
Japanese たいけつ!カメレゴン城
Taiketsu! Kameregon Jō
Showdown! Fort Francis
French La bataille du Fort Francis The Battle of Fort Francis
Italian La battaglia di Forte Gino The Battle of Fort Francis
Spanish La batalla del Fuerte Francis The Battle of Fort Francis