Downtown of Crag

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Downtown of Crag
Level code 5-1
Game Super Paper Mario
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Downtown of Crag is an area in the Land of the Cragnons (therefore making it Chapter 5-1) which appears in Super Paper Mario. It includes a village which is home to the Cragnons, although there are probably other Cragnon villages located elsewhere. Surrounding the Downtown of Crag lies the Gap of Crag, where the Floro Caverns are located.

Despite its primitive appearance, Downtown of Crag has stereo systems, Cragvision sets, and other modern electronic devices, which, despite all being made from rocks, apparently work fine.

Downtown of Crag has many items that are either normally hard to find or are unobtainable anywhere else. There is an Itty Bits store in the village; it is the only place where Mario can obtain Mild Cocoa Beans, a common recipe ingredient. He can also buy Keel Mangos from the store. The Howzit's Shop in the village sells Primordial Fruit. With the exception of one of the Chapters in Castle Bleck, Bone-In Cuts are exclusive to the chapter, as it is the only place where Mario and co. can find Muths.

Chapter 5-1: Downtown of Crag[edit]

Storyline text

Still worried about Tippi's condition, Mario and friends opened the fifth door.

They still needed to find three Pure Hearts...

But the imminent destruction of the world was approaching at an alarming pace.

Would Mario have enough time to save the day?

And what foul trick would Count Bleck and his goons come up with next?

This adventure grew more dangerous...and more thrilling... with every step!

Floro Sapiens
Mario's first encounter with Floro Sapiens.

When Mario and co. come out of the cyan door, they discover that they are in midair and fall to the ground. Meanwhile, two Cragnons perform a chant to the "Big Rock Who Watches", a deity of some sort, asking for deliverance from their enemies. The characters fall right between the Cragnons, who, believing them to have been sent by the Big Rock Who Watches, carry them back to their town. The village leader pleads with the heroes to help the Cragnons in the fight against the Floro Sapiens, an underground-dwelling plant race. The player may say no, but will be unable to leave the village until they return to Marbald and agree to help, though they will be able to visit the Cragnons' houses at this time. The heroes eventually comply and as they do so, an attack immediately commences. The heroes defeat two Floro Sapiens, but the rest escape with several Cragnons. Mario and co. race off to find them.

The Cragnon village consists of several caves where Cragnons live, as well as one of Howzit's shops. Far to the right is a door and a Save Block. Once the player leaves the village, they see the Floro Sapiens escaping to the left. To the right are two pipes, one of which contains a Putrid Piranha. Two Moon Clefts and a Back Cursya can also be found near the pipes. Down the second pipe is an underground room with two Shlorps. Defeating the Shlorps awards the player with one of Bowser's Catch Cards. Following the Floro Sapiens will take the player to some high mountains with a Moon Cleft at the top, and a few more when Flipped into 3-D on the bottom. A Moon Cleft card can be found in 3-D behind the first mountain. Crossing the mountains will take the player to three blocks in a row, which must be hit in a certain order. The heroes may speak to Jasperoid to get the code: left, right, middle. Hitting the blocks in that order with reveal a pipe.

The pipe leads to an area with several Muths and three more blocks. Once again, Jasperoid knows the code, but will only help the player after they say "please" five times. The code is: middle, right, left, left, right, middle, right, left, right, right, middle, right, right, left, middle, middle, left, left, left, right, left, left, left, middle, middle. Once again, the blocks reveal a pipe that takes the player into the background, allowing them to pass a mountain and reach the Star Block.


Menu description[edit]

  • "The locals here love watching crag-vision. The Floro Sapiens abducted some villagers. The elder asked for help, and you agreed to rescue them!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ストンストン村
Sutonsuton Mura
Stone Stone Village
French Village Cragnon Cragnon Village
German Klippdorf-Zentrum Crag city Centre
Italian Centrocittà di Cromagna Crag city centre
Korean 스톤스톤마을
Stone Stone Village
Spanish (NOE) Centro de Rocópolis[1] Rock City's Downtown ("Rocópolis" comes from "roca" ['rock'] and the Greek suffix "-polis" [meaning 'city'])
Downtown of Crag (chapter title)
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ストンストン村大そうどう!
Sutonsuton Mura Dai Sōdō!
Downtown of Crag's Great Riot
French Le Village Cragnon The Cragnon Village
German Im Zentrum von Klippdorf In the centre of Crag city
Italian Centrocittà di Cromagna Crag city centre
Korean 스톤스톤마을의 대소동!
Seutonseutonma-eul-ui Daesodong!
A big commotion in Downtown of Crag!
Spanish (NOE) En el centro de Rocópolis[1] In Rock City's Downtown


  • If Mario and his party return after defeating King Croacus IV, the water in the river will be clean.