Queen Jaydes

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Queen Jaydes
SPM Queen Jaydes.png
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
“Be sure to speak to me when your games end... I will tip the scales in your favor.”
Queen Jaydes, Super Paper Mario

Queen Jaydes is the kindhearted (yet strict) queen of The Underwhere in Super Paper Mario. She is the mother figure to Luvbi, raising her with Grambi. She resides near the entrance to the Underwhere, at the other side of the River Twygz. She is pampered by her busy D-Men while she keeps watch on those who have received a Game Over. Being the ruler of the Underwhere, she possesses power over life and death. Queen Jaydes gets her name from the Greek god of the underworld, Hades, as well as the word jaded, which means unenthused or bored (qualities of Queen Jaydes). She also shares some resemblance to the Shadow Queen from the previous game.


Queen Jaydes opens a portal to allow Mario and Luigi to "continue" their game

Mario first meets Queen Jaydes after being sent to the Underwhere by Dimentio; after sensing the energy given off by the weakened Pure Heart that he had brought with him, she learns that a Nimbi from The Overthere named Luvbi has disappeared and asks that Mario aid in the search for her. After reuniting with his brother and returning with Luvbi, Mario learns that she is actually Jaydes' daughter - as thanks for locating her, the queen returns to Mario the revitalized Pure Heart, having used her power to restore it to life, and grants the two heroes a "Continue" in order to return them to Flipside.

Upon returning to the Underwhere in search of the next Pure Heart, Mario, Luigi, and Tippi are asked by Queen Jaydes to escort Luvbi to her father, Grambi, in the Overthere, in the wake of a powerful monster's escape from its prison. Queen Jaydes does not appear again until the end of the chapter, where she reveals alongside her husband that Luvbi is the final Pure Heart, disguised as a Nimbi for its own protection. After assuring Luvbi of their love for her and witnessing her transform back into her original form, Jaydes returns to the Underwhere saddened by the loss of her daughter.

Following the defeat of the final boss, Jaydes travels to the Overthere upon hearing that Luvbi has been restored to life. There, she promises to give Luvbi as much love as she can and encourages the heroes to come visit her for judgement when their games end, as thanks for their hard work.

Catch Card[edit]

Jaydes's Catch Card

Card Type: Uncommon
Card Description: This dark queen rules over The Underwhere. Her magic controls life... And game overs.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジャーデス
Possibly a play on「邪」(ja, wicked) and「ハーデス」(Hādesu, Hades)
French Reine Hadéesse Portmanteau of "Hades" (the Greek god of the dead) and déesse (goddess); reine means "queen"
German Königin Mortimi Mortimi derives from mors, which is Latin for "death"; Königin means "queen"
Italian Regina Infernia Regina means "queen" and Infernia derives from the Italian word Inferno which means "Hell"
Spanish Reina Hadesia Reina means "queen" and Hadesia derives from "Hades"


  • If the player refuses to search for Luvbi, she zaps Mario with lightning and gives him a Game Over.