Muffy (1F)

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“PLEASE tell me you've tried one of Saffron's delectable desserts! They're amazing!”
Muffy, Super Paper Mario
Muffy (1F)

Muffy is a teenager resident from the first floor of Flipside in Super Paper Mario. She is obsessed with Saffron's cooking. She has a sweet tooth and cannot resist the desserts Saffron makes. She also makes desserts herself, but she cannot resist them, and eats them all. There is another Muffy that lives in the second floor of Flipside.

Muffy's Flopside counterpart is Buffy. However, in the PAL region, Muffy is named "Tina", while her counterpart is called "Nina".

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポーラ

French Pel
German Tina
Italian Tina
Common name
Spanish Luci