Castle Bleck

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Castle Bleck
Castle Bleck
Castle Bleck from the outside in Super Paper Mario.
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
Greater location The Void
Inhabitants Count Bleck, Nastasia, O'Chunks, Mimi, Dimentio, Mr. L (briefly)

Castle Bleck is the setting of Chapter 8 in Super Paper Mario. It is a monochrome castle located in The Void, with the interior having a similar aesthetic to the original look of World 8-1 in the Dark Land of Super Mario Bros. 3. The castle is separated into four main areas, one for each Chapter section respectively: the Entry, the Foyer, the Interior, and the Inner Sanctum. Castle Bleck is one of only two worlds (the other being The Bitlands) to have at least one boss battle in each level (O'Chunks in 8-1, Mimi in 8-2, Dimentio in 8-3, and Count Bleck and Super Dimentio in 8-4). Castle Bleck's theme is a cover version of the Pure Hearts', Count Bleck's, and the Chaos Heart's theme, mixed with some 8-bit sound effects. According to The InterNed, the music that plays while Peach or Luigi are trying to escape Castle Bleck in the interludes after Chapters 1 and 2 is titled "In the Darkness".


After the end of chapter 1, Castle Bleck first appears where Peach tries to escape from it. She, along with a Hammer Bro and Private Koopa (who are eventually hypnotized by Nastasia), search for an exit. Castle Bleck later re-appears at the end of chapter 2, where Luigi tries to search for an exit, with the help of two Goombas. The three eventually reach a dead end and are all hypnotized by Nastasia.

Castle Bleck is first visited by the player after all the Pure Hearts are collected, being accessed via the Black Door in Flopside. Each section of Castle Bleck involves a different set of puzzles, and the first three sections end with the player fighting one of the main antagonists and losing a party member:

  • Chapter 8-1 involves using the four characters' special abilities to collect keys and activate triggers. O'Chunks is fought at the end, and Bowser is lost afterward.
  • Chapter 8-2 involves avoiding many traps similar to the ones seen during the events of Merlee's Mansion. Mimi is fought at the end, and Peach is lost afterward.
  • Chapter 8-3 involves the player trying to get out of loops and chasing Dimentio through one section of a level from each of the previous chapters. Dimentio is fought at the end, and Luigi is lost afterward.
  • Chapter 8-4 involves large mazes of doors that require the player to flip to solve them. Count Bleck is fought here, and the characters that were lost from the previous boss-fights return. Once Count Bleck is defeated, Super Dimentio is fought.


Level Preview Description
Castle Bleck Entry
(Chapter 8-1: The Impending Darkness)
BowserCastleBleck.png The entrance to the castle. This area starts the world's trend of finding keys to move forward. O'Chunks is the boss and Bowser is left behind.
Castle Bleck Foyer
(Chapter 8-2: The Crash)
Peach trying to save Mimi. An area that Mimi has filled with traps. She tricks the player throughout the level and is battled as the boss. Princess Peach is left behind.
Castle Bleck Interior
(Chapter 8-3: Countdown to Destruction)
Luigi in Castle Bleck. Besides keys, this area also uses doors that warp the player back to the start of the room until a certain task is completed. Mario and Luigi need to chase Dimentio through one section of a level from each of the previous chapters, who is then battled as the boss. Luigi is left behind.
Castle Bleck Inner Sanctum
(Chapter 8-4: Tippi and Count Bleck)
Castle Bleck Inner Sanctum The final level. Most of the level is a maze that requires flipping to navigate. Count Bleck is battled at the end, with Bowser, Peach and Luigi rejoining the party. Dimentio then betrays Bleck and is fought as the final boss, Super Dimentio. Tippi and Count Bleck then sacrifice themselves to destroy the Chaos Heart.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 暗黒城
Ankoku Jō
Dark Castle

French Château Niark
Castle Bleck: Niark is Bleck's French name and château means "castle".
German Burg Knickwitz
Castle Bleck: Knickwitz is Bleck's German name and Burg means "castle".
Italian Castel Cenere
Castle Bleck: castel(lo) means "castle" and Cenere is the Italian name of Bleck (Conte Cenere).
Korean 암흑성
Amheuk Seong
Dark Castle

Spanish (NOE) Castillo Cenizo
Castle Bleck: castillo means "castle" and Cenizo is the Spanish name of Bleck (Conde Cenizo).