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Red and Green
Red and Green in Super Paper Mario
Species Flip-Flop Folk
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
“Heya, hero! Hey, what are you doing loitering around here for? You're a celebrity! You got better stuff to do than stand around here. You know, like... Talking this town up to cute girls so they'll come up here! Get over there and use your hero powers to herd those hotties this way!”
Red, Super Paper Mario

Red is the older brother of Green and a resident of Yold Town. He has the job title of Bridgemaster, acting as a bridge guard leading into the town. Red and his brother are both very similar to the Mario Bros.; however, they are fiercely competitive, as both of them cannot understand the other one's color choice. Red is also known to play cards with Chaz, his best friend, but he always loses.

In Super Paper Mario, Mario and Tippi have to see Red in order to get past the bridge that leads into Yold Town. However, when they arrive in his house, he appears to not be there; if Mario flips into 3D, he finds Red crying because he has gotten stuck in the 3D dimension. Mario can then pull him back into 2D, and then Red asks what Mario's favorite color is. If Mario answers Red, he is let into Yold Town. If Mario answers "Green" or "Both", he is kicked out of the house. However, Red gives Mario another chance to answer when he returns. If the player talks to Red as Bowser or Luigi before completing the game, he will get upset over their green wear and angrily kick them out of his house.

Catch Card[edit]

Red and Green

Card Type: Uncommon
Card Description: These brothers guard the bridges in Yold Town. Brothers will be brothers, even in strange dimensions.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レド
From「レッド」(reddo, red)
French Rouge Red
German Ruber
Italian Rosso Red
Korean 레드
Spanish Rojo Red