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“Ugh... I forgot the elevator was scheduled to be seviced right now! What a pain.”
Muffy, Super Paper Mario
Muffy in the game Super Paper Mario.
Muffy on the second floor

Muffy is a teenager resident from the second floor of Flipside in Super Paper Mario. She is a trendy, care-free and optimistic girl. Her motto, "Life should be short and sweet, babe!" greatly supports this. After the player defeats the final boss, she says when the world was ending, she spent all of her hard earned coins at the Flipside Arcade, and while she did rack up a number of high scores (300,000 in Forget Me Not, 400,000 in Tilt Island, and 500,000 in Hammer Whacker), she was left broke. She, however, deals with it easily and simply says "Easy come easy go!" Muffy then desires to be a Flipside tour guide and promises that she will be the best one ever.

Muffy's Flopside counterpart is Lucy. However, in the PAL region, Muffy is named Lucy herself, while her counterpart is called Lacy, possibly due to "muff" being a slang word for female genitalia. Despite her name change, the Flipside Arcade still uses "MFFY" as the name in the high scores.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オネン
Derivation of「お姉」(o'nee, elder sister)

French Viss
Both this and Lucy's French name Versa are derived from vice-versa
German Lea
Italian Lucia
Spanish Elsa