Ruby (character)

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Ruby in the game Super Paper Mario.
“My dear, I believe you must... sleep whenever you want to. Yes, I believe that's it...”
Ruby, Super Paper Mario

Ruby is an elderly Flopsider from the game Super Paper Mario. She lives on the first floor of Flopside, a mirror image of the town of Flipside. In her younger days, Ruby was a beauty queen. She can usually be found extolling secrets of longevity to her young granddaughter, Mitsy. Ruby is the Flopside counterpart of Pearl, and the advice both of them share with their respective granddaughters is usually the exact opposite of each other. For example, Pearl says to exercise and Ruby says that one should eat foods they like.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サージュ

French Diamant
German Sophia
Italian Sofia
Spanish Rafaela